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  • Regular servers are ruining Reboot

    Suicide Kannas: Removal of Singapore and the nerfs to Malaysia mobs has completely destroyed Reboot player's main source of meso income for progression. Rather than farming to further their account, we are instead forced to farm for less than a 5th of our suicide kanna's rates and rely on dailies for our main income. Not to mention we have no way of obtaining passes for the monster world tour content and are forced to pay 300 maple points.

    Gollux: I can understand making regular servers wait to exchange their old Gollux Coins for the current Gollux Coins, but what purpose does that serve for reboot? There is no market to be flooded and yet again this is another feature that slows progression.

    Servers: This one may be unrelated to reg servers, but kishin was nerfed and the explanation given was to reduce the load on the servers. There was a brief time where there were 30 channels to increase server stability and it was said that Nexon could better allocate those resources elsewhere. Kishin has been nerfed, more dead servers have been merged, so why have we not been given 30 channels on any of them?

    Do you guys even make enough money to justify not merging all the regular servers? Do you make more money off of Reboot or regular servers? Is there a reason why so many updates in the past 6 months have been a detriment to gameplay in Reboot but their main purpose was to benefit regular servers?