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  • Could we please add facial hair accessories to CS?

    The Carlton Mustache Event was great. I've had some very interesting reactions to my Merc's outfit:

    On-topic: +1 to the suggestion. I support anything that gives us more diverse customization options.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Item type: NX Item
    Item name: 5 O'Clock Shadow
    Website link: https://mapletip.com/maplestory-equipment/5%20O'Clock%20Shadow/1010003

    This item hasn't been seen in any Cash Shop rotation.

    Image of item:

  • Look of the Month Contest April.


    IGN: Silversworn
    World: Bera

    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    - Hat: Mihile's Silver Helm
    - Top: Eagle Eye Warrior's Armor
    - Bottom: Trixter Dunwitch Pants
    - Shoes: Silver War Boots
    - Gloves: Ecletic Hermosa
    - Weapon: Tempest Katana
    - Face: Treasure Hunter Jack's Scar
    - Ear: Single Earring
    - Cape: Antique Demon Cape

    I am a Knight of Cygnus. With my sword, I draw upon the sun and the moon and use their powers to destroy evil.

    My character looked very uncoordinated before I settled on this look. My only goal was to find items that matched the Warrior CRA armor and make a coherent outfit, so I came up with this. I unintentionally turned my character into an ordinary-looking Cygnus Knight in the process, but when I realized Hayato's skills look very similar to those of Dawn Warriors, I grew to embrace this Cygnus Knight identity and made it part of my character. I am now a Dawn Warrior.
  • Survey - What's your favorite job?

    My vote goes to Hayato. Great mobility, lots of fun skills to use and we get to do stuff like this: i.imgur.com/2UtILZo.gifv
  • What one thing would you change about your class?

    I main a Hayato. Currently we have a passive (Willow Dodge) that gives us %dmg when we avoid an attack. It stacks up to 5 times so it boosts our damage by a decent amount, but we have no way of getting it to proc while fighting a boss.

    My idea would be to offer an alternate version of Willow Dodge (accessible through a toggle), that allows us to gain a stack for every 3 seconds we don't take damage. Stacks reset to 0 when hit directly.

    That would be one way of getting Willow Dodge to work in bossing. It would also place more importance on using Hayato's skills to dodge attacks, something we happen to excel at, so this idea complements our toolkit nicely. Other than that, I'm 100% satisfied with Hayato's playstyle and there's nothing I'd change about it.