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  • One opinion on how to fix Reboot Server

    I keep saying, Nexon was just sick of players calling them greedy crooks with a "free to play, pay to win" game (even though the Cash Shop is their only means of actual profit and the reason you can play for free in the first place), and released Reboot to teach them a lesson.
  • This is Out of Control

    Long time member here, back from hiatus, and I just want to ask, what's the point of even using security software? The botters are out of control!

    I play on Bera. I wanted to complete a line on my Monster Collection, and only required was Evil Eye. I went to channel one, but there were two (not one, TWO) botters there, and they were practically identical twins. Both were Shades (I think) both were the same level, both had names that were gibberish, and both were spamming the entire field with AoE attacks, making it impossible for other players to get even one.

    So I changed the channel to ch. 2, only to find two more botters of the same type there. Turned out EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL on Bera has TWO Shades in that one area. How in the world can one botter have 40 toons running simultaneously??

    Actually, I know the answer. Whatever security system you're using, it doesn't work. This was not the first time I have experienced this even in the past week.

    I've been on a lot of MMORPGs in my day. Some are good, some are awful, some are "free to play pay to win" types but they rarely have THIS much of a problem with botters and hackers.

    Seriously, when honest players like myself are penalized for buying one Gachipon due to "security concerns" while botters are running amuck like this, something is very wrong.