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  • Make nightghosht guide proc when jumping

    I agree :)
  • Mesos Gain

    I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to give more meso earning options. Even if you’re nit going for endgame, or to help endgame players. When someone has 20 billion, they farmed for 20 hours at least. That’s quite extreme. I don’t know why people are so against another income source.
  • Event shop no Maple Tour VIP coupons/cs totems?

    Yeah I was looking at patch notes for rise again to plan which items I want to get, and then I realized rise lasts until August 30, pretty much september. That means since goblin festival, which was around march, tuere are no more maple tour vip passes for 5 months. People in september won’t even know what a vip maple tour pass is.

    It feels like the item was introduced in goblin festival to briefly appease frustration that bye by kanna was being removed. Goblin festival was when maple tour was introduced and bye bye kanna removed. Maple tour for maple points is pay to win in reboot.

    Yeah they are giving us maple points through maple relay, but I’m not spending it on maple tour
  • Kanna Revamp Feedback + Kishin Thoughts

    I’m honestly not going to play for much longer if they don’t either make it so we can make 1bil an hr with coupons/potion, or lower our cube and starforce prices.

    Arcana was 600 mil clean per hr, and someone tested that now it is about 460mil clean. I really don’t think the 1 bil/hr before was OP. I saw a youtube vid of someone 22 starring their dreamy belt, and they were really lucky it didn’t boom and got to 22. It still took them 22bil, and that is a very cheap and lucky case. That’s 22 hours of farming for one equip. There are like 20 equips. So 1bil/hr is tolerable and not OP.

    There’s a certain point where progression and funding rates become so slow that maybe it’s not worth it anymore to play. Before the patch, I just got my kanna to lachelein and made about 400mil/hr clean. It took a lot of hours to tier accessories to legendary and then get the meso and drop rate lines + stat. Now with this patch, kishin feels too clunky to use. It’s a turret skill but you can only recast it after a minute. That means wherever you are after the minute, you have to run over again. The resummon time with ghost yaksha boss and kishin might not overlap, so now you have to run back and forth a lot resummoning things. It’s awful to play. You also are painfully aware of when kishin has turned off. The mobs just stop spawning for 2 seconds.

    I would usually work with whatever nexon is throwing at us, but this time I’m not okay with their change of slowing progression needlessly. I don’t want to farm mindlessly more for this game at any moment they feel like changing things. That really does feel like a cheap move for the company to simply cut income rates by 20% and you just have to accept that you have to farm even more hours to progress.

    I think for now I won’t work on my kanna anymore. I wanted to gear up to try lotus while also saving some meso for DMT, but now I think I will just aim for midgame. Just solo lotus/damien and then be done. I was looking forward to gearing more and partying for lucid and beyond, but it’s not worth it to me to have to farm more just because nexon decides that. In the future the company might even just take away respawn increases entirely. They’ve never increased the default spawn of the monsters in the maps, which would solve everything. They clearly want to waste your time.
  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    The v214 memo changes suck! Don’t go through with these changes nobody asked for