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February 20, 1993
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≫Always be yourself. People don't have to like you, and you don't have to care.
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  • Who else is old here?

    I'm almost 25 and still play a little in my free time, since being at this age it is sometimes hard to play duo life.
    But to be honest i didnt see any 12years old people in ages, maybe in Luna we are just a bunch of old players. :D
  • [Contest] Maple Fashion: Design Story

    Hai all,
    First of all, i never done this before, so therefor my apologies that i didn't use the template.
    As i made this in paint, i decide to just add this version.

    For the picture i chose hair/eyes/body already excisting from nexon, to get a better view of how the nx items would look on a char.
    At the picture of the back, i skipped the hair, as it would have covered the top from behind.

    My outfit is kinda basic, as i really do like basic outfits. Plus i think we can get some more black/grey outfits.
    Owell hope someone likes it. It could be for male and female. (although the hat might be more for females :D)

  • Own avatar/signature on the forum.

    Thanks guys for the information and your opinions.
    I do agree that size can be a big issue at signatures, unless they add that you can only add certain amount of words and no pictures (or no pics larger as). But let's first get our own avatars :)
    @Akradian i'm also more a fan of own avatars, as i rather have my own picture then my char in game. I was just thinking further if they would not accept our own avatars then maybe this can be an option B.

    Anyways then we will be patient and wait untill they add it i guess.'
  • Own avatar/signature on the forum.

    Hello everyone!
    If there are topics regarding this suggestion, then my apologies in advance. Could only find 1 topic from september 2016 where the 'old gm' said it would be added in some nearly future.

    Anyways as we are now almost 8 months later and i haven't seen an update (i maybe missed). I'd like to suggest that we are able to use our own avatars and if possible add a signature function. I believe alot of forumers will be happy to see this update.

    And if the reaction of nexon would be that it will be a big mess to let people use all kind of images, i'd suggest to get the images at website working from our chars and therefor be able to link the picture of your char ingame to the forum.
    Imo this will cheer up the forum abit, rather then those we have right now.

    Opinions? Other suggestion?

  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Here are a few of the hairstyles i like :)
    I'll update the names later, when i have more time.