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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    I hope you consider these changes as part of our efforts to make the game balanced and healthy. We will continue working hard to bring content that players can enjoy during the Summer. We always appreciate your support Thank you, Anna ..... FIRST they cant do a good maintenance to the game ... nefarious, mistakes, bugs, lag , etc .. SECOND the producer Anna .. or the entire staff of this game, talk and see that one of the problems is " efforts to make the game balanced " that the skill kishin and the job kanna is responsible for the instability of the game and therefore this nef to this job, the big question is, does this fix part of the problem that maple story has today? i think NO ..... because if this job and skil causes the instability of the game, I imagine an increase in Spawn rate in all areas .. wow .. and hackers ... today not only it's kanna hackers. It is also blasters, dual blades, arks and of course blade wizards are few today ... but it is another but anna or part of the staff do not think anything of this .. yes the skill kishin causes instability, the totem fury or wild? ? ? and the funniest of all the frenzy totem ?? ey ey ey tss shhh $$$ changes?

    continuing with the MEMO there are important parts and that we must consider in the future to think .. THE JOB literally in the end will have 3 worst fates yes or yes
    FIRST literally the job kanna will die and be like the job priest or bishop BT or simple buff warrior ... yes ... other skill of minimum exp ... or buff of attack ... whit anyones changes in skills already known
    SECOND is remove the job gradually as BT or zero without any change in kishin (but obviously this will not be the case, because the memo tells us about more future and harmful changes not only to kanna but also to bt and some classes) remember the MEMO " The main purpose of these changes is to reduce the gap in efficiency between classes in a way that highlights the playing style of each class. This is something we’re continuously doing for our game to be more balanced in relation to updated content and classes and these changes as part of our efforts to make the game balanced and healthy. We will continue working hard to bring content that players
    THIRD point is remove the job completely, delete them from the game .. and only keep active current 60 level kanna players and drastic changes remove kishin, nitghtghost (eye this skill unbalances the effect of exp and drop more than any other job. and well nexon or anna do not like the progress of many players in the game to today)

    NEXON ..AND ANNA .. at once I should seriously explain the future of this job kanna and job BT also because it is a job that has also passed a horrible quarantine with changes but bugs ... and more bugs ... ... and more bugs ... by the way she doesn't explain anything about the bugs of the game in skills mmm until the game is in quarantine a long time ago ... YES OR YES people me and the nexon company decided these !! why more childish memos ... more dead memos .... more memos where one's money in the end is in vain for bad decisions .. it leads to the point that the company is preferring more $$$$ in the end, I I ask something, does nexon think of people who have no money in the game? Is it more lawful for them to agree with those who spend and spend money and it is easy to equip themselves better than other players without suffering ?, NEXON thinks of a better game when their game is unstable from the game launcher and in the juice itself ?, NEXON Do you think new players will spend money on game that has ridiculous changes?
  • Lag in Elysium

    Ghiblee wrote: »
    We are aware of the recent server lag and disconnection and are in the progress of investigating the issues.
    Hoping it can be addressed soon for all the affected worlds.

    the game is unplayble elysium is very lag and maplestory consume too much ram memory and use in my cpu ! not only in me in other users too . fix the game pls