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  • Vote for MapleStory!

    Well we can all agree on one thing, at lest nexon is better then Aeria Games.
  • Taking A Break, Not Like Anyone Cares

    Hello, basically as the title says. I'm taking a break from this game, not sure how long of a break I will take, but I plan on coming back at some point In the new year.

    I'm just tried of the current state of maplestory, I've burned myself out already. I also wasted so much money on this game, some of it if not all of it on the gambling side.

    I could never stick to my original goals or one account or server. I also had a problem of not liking to delete characters hence x number of accounts. Which I managed to get over, also with the nerf to Santa boxes, which was the last straw for me.

    My original plan and goals were. Non-Reboot

    0 IRL $,Until Cretin Point or Not At All
    Focus On 1 Character, Meaning Only Create One Character.
    Level 200-210, W/O Burning, & ETC.
    120 Link Mules, After Main Reach's 200-210.
    Main To 250 or 200-210 Link Mules.

    I know I can do it and I've seen and heard of people doing it before.

    Anyways, that's it for now and I wish everyone luck.

    Happy Holidays
  • Start banning player botters before V patch.

    While I agree that nexon needs to find away to deal with bots, simply banning them won't do the trick, even if it's an IP or hardware ban. What nexon needs to do is take one step at a time and collaborate with the community and come up with a solution to deal with the bots showing up on rankings.

    I also think nexon should increase the "Blacklist" limit of people/bots you can add. The fitter for names and spamming also needs to be adjusted, for example @,@@@,@@@@@ you can see where I'm going with this, should be frittered.

    It's not that hard to work with fitters and I'm sure I could do it myself if I was taught how to use whichever program they use, and I would even do it for free.

    Back on topic, one way that could possbily deal away with bots, is a better anti-hack shield. Their are many great ones out there that I see work well in other games and even if a bot or player was able to bypass it, they would be dealt with sooner then later.

    One thing that could possibly prevent bots, & hackers ETC, maybe real life consequences, such as giving 3 warring strikes, each with a fine, strike one $500, strike 2 $1500, final strike $5000, these are just examples. also each strike should come with x amount of ban time, 3rd being permanent.

    If the same individual, keeps braking the rules and comes back, then they should be jail or community service time, I highly doubt this will ever happen but you never know.

    Well that's my 2 cents on it.

    Sincerely - KMF