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  • Regarding New Ban Policy

    What you guys are saying is right, but that doesn't change the fact this is all so a REQUEST sub-forum and what I'm requesting is to extend this policy to also give those banned permanently their warning mainly in reboot as their won't be a change in the economy(since their is none), only server activity. I understand those hacking should be banned but I'm still going to push this request until it gets formally denied because I have nothing better to do at the moment. It still seems like a plausible scenario as those accounts would still be kept off rankings allowing players who compete through ranks or want to keep a legitimate guild what they want, increase the population even if its only by 1, me, and if they'll still be flagged by GM's as per their current policy. Granted it then provides them more work but it would still have the possible outcome of players coming back and continue playing without infringing the ToS this time around.
    Part of the problem is that unbanning people that have used hacks or bots to train is allowing people that have levelled characters extremely easily and quickly to still use those high level characters that they cheated to earn, which isn't fair on players that legitimately earned their levels through lots of grinding and hard work. It'd be letting everyone get away with blatantly breaking the terms of service, and I wouldn't think it likely to ever happen.

    There's also not much reason to believe that people that haven't broken the terms of service before won't do so again. All anyone at Nexon would really have to go by is the player's word that they wouldn't do something they've agreed not to do, but that's exactly what you were doing in the first place by playing in such a way that breaks the terms of service and affects other players.

    I imagine even if this were ever likely to happen (which I wouldn't think so in a hundred years), it'd take a lot of staff time to find every account that was banned from before the policy changes and manually lift the bans on all of them, and then contact those players to let them know their accounts have been unbanned. This would be a huge waste of staff time and money, as most of the players that have been banned for botting or similar things would have either moved on to another game by now and have no interest in returning, or would be already playing on another account.

    I'm going to make one more suggestion here; your best bet is to simply start again. Make a new account, or use a different account, and play legitimately. Have fun with the game and join our community. Whatever you lost by being banned for hacking you could earn back through natural means, and it feels much more rewarding to see your character reach higher levels and complete quests and content naturally than what it does to just cheat and have everything given to you.
  • Original Maple Europe contents and features

    I'd actually really like Veracent back. I was a little disappointed to get to level 100 on GMS and find out that it wasn't there, as great as the newer content is. I can understand the arguments for and against it, but I'm definitely on the 'for' side of that. It had some really good grind spots that lasted quite a few levels, the story wasn't bad, and it gave access to Kerberos which was a nice daily farm boss for around level 100-120ish, and the adroit gear sets you got from it were pretty good up until you get actual boss gear.
  • Regarding New Ban Policy

    So this isn't a real suggestion but more of a ban appeal for your personal account because other people are botting more than you did and they haven't gotten perma'd yet.
    Funny thing is that the slap-on-the-wrist was the old policy and supposedly the new one was gonna be stricter (with permanent removal of rankings etc). It just hasn't been enforced a whole lot lately from the looks of many maps...

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time, mate.
    I have to agree with this. If people playing exclusively single player or private multiplayer games want to use cheats, mods, hacks or anything else you'd like to call them, that's totally fine. They're only affecting their own gameplay experience or that of their friends, and if that's how they'd prefer to play those type of games, they're free to do whatever they want with their time. But any form of cheating in a public multiplayer game like an MMO deserves to be dealt with harshly. At that point you're always going to be negatively affecting how someone else plays or is able to play the game, and that just isn't fair, nor is it fun for those players affected.
  • World Transfer Event before 5th Job ?

    I highly doubt it'd be before 5th job, especially since the EU server migration just happened. But it would be nice to get a reply on whether or not a world transfer event would happen anytime soon, or if players would be able to transfer characters from NA worlds to Luna, the EU world. Like what seems to be affecting a lot of other players recently, I'm unable to login to Luna because my account data likely hasn't been migrated yet, but if I knew that there would be a world transfer coming anytime soon (within the next few months) I'd quite happily play on NA servers until the event happens, at which point I'd be able to move my characters over to Luna to join all my other characters.
  • Having trouble logging in?

    Your game data possibly hasn't been migrated yet. There was an update on this by GM Thokim that said: Your game data will be migrated over a period of time, with each MapleStory maintenance. You will not be able to play on the Europe server until your game data has migrated. You could play on a North American world for now if you wanted to, but other than that all you can do is wait and check back on the European world after each maintenance.