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  • Add Red Familiar Cards to Reboot

    I don't get why this wasn't included in there 2 month revamp of the revamp. Disconnected developers.
  • DMT Issues 7/18

    Once again I am here to share my utter disappointment with how incompetent the content team and direction of this game is going. Constantly the community asks for things like potable badges, wondroid events, 24 hr DMTs or alternatives and we get Bebe boxes and half winded appologies.

    Its baffling how we come back to this game with maple on a resurgence due to corona ONLY FOR NEXON BLOW IT. It was a simple lay up to potentially make this game relevant. Fix the server lag, give players what they want so it doesn't feel like you are throwing your life away to play a new character without retired gear, communicate effectively not half heartedly and promptly.

    This team expects players like myself to spend time and money on a product that neither function comparatively or as consistently as other games on the market. The decision making from the top down needs to be over hauled. So many people I know have quit this game cold turkey in the last month because of these destructive decisions made.

    Thanks Nexon.
  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    Axtox wrote: »
    Bad DMT experience... decided to leave mid DMT since i couldnt do anything. Today my character is FROZEN. i cant CC, cant write, cant even click on anything. Whats all that about? IGN Darkarox

    A friend of mine had this problem. I summoned him using guild summon then had him reinstall his client and it worked. For what ever reason, cubing during dmt made a graphical bug on two of his characters (and only those two) and bricked him on lock in.
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    Drakeos99 wrote: »
    ^ as title say give us a Bebe box to make up and maybe extra day for DMT ???

    A Bebe box is a slap to the face. People wanted an event not a box.
  • Issues and Server Instability during DMT 7/4

    Neospector wrote: »
    Deletion of posts asking for compensation as well. Bebe box compensation isn't enough to keep the player base happy. I hope your team chooses well on how to handle this compensation, unless will have another Maplestory 2 catastrophe where its 1 bad choice after another until the server dies out. This is a terrible experience for brand new players and hope there is some investment in the server capacity and quality going forward.

    No posts on the forum have been deleted. There is an open thread asking for compensation here:

    Multiple ranting threads were merged together into a single thread, which is still open.

    Well before you go on with that, here you go: https://imgur.com/a/uSQwNTv

    I posted a thread explaining a bug involving the inability to cube. I had then inserted a poll about whether there should be compensation for such a bug. As you can see from the attached photos my thread was deleted. The post had a few interactions and comments as well. Maybe there should be a better form of communication between moderators if they aren't aware of deletion of threads.