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  • JJob Change @ 200 is EXPENSIVE on reboot (461m???)

    Just a tip if you do Maple Tour and Ursus every day (in reboot) you will be making more than 1 billion per week easily, and that's what? less than 30 minutes of your time per day.
  • False Ban Reports 6/22

    What I dislike the most is the customer support that doesn't want to actually work or put any effort in their job for what they were hired for. As soon as a ticket is too complicated or requires more effort they do their usual copy/paste responses. This gets me furious. They do not care what some people are going thro with false bans. People who spent years of their life time playing the game getting banned for no reason is really painful and depressing.

  • though on the upcoming beast tamer changes?

    Allowed wrote: »
    I don't know about how it actually is, but I don't think I see many Beast Tamers grinding around. So I think it might be a big boost to Beast Tamer's skills to make more people play that class.

    But then again, GMS is trying to be more like KMS (nerfing kishin and possibly removing it in the future), KMS doesn't have Beast Tamer either. So it might still be a nerf, just because its Nexon.

    I know some fellow beast tamer mains but yea we're a pretty small community who actually mains it.

    It's hard to main a class when we can't even make it to begin with. So a lot of players who start this game for a first time or w/e and pick their main they probably don't want to change main later in the game when it becomes available to make. I don't understand why they even do this.