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  • Daemoniser wrote: » hello, I'm playing reboot, and I have created tera burning character on "Burning world" also on this same character i have picked Tera burning item. Now i read that this character cannot be transfered to Reboot, also my Tera b…
  • onager234234 wrote: » However the story didn't end properly in my opinion, and after lv100 I just ran out of stuff to do. Almost all classes stop having their story questline after lvl 100. The storyline picks up again at lvl 200 but the questl…
  • You make less meso and less xp if grinding together. Only time ppl play together is for AQP, CPQ, Bossing, hmuto, vjpq, Ursus, some other dailies.
  • It does drop but it's extremely rare. I got 2 pieces so far but they aren't even worth it anyways u just go for 4xCRA and then into 5xAbso+3xCRA
  • SurajSli wrote: » Neospector wrote: » MNEL wrote: » Still not fixed ! There has not been a maintenance yet. The fix is (hopefully) scheduled for the next game maintenance, which will likely occur Wednesday, or thereabouts. No news abou…
  • He still drops flames but now it's rare to get them.
  • Mapleforu6779 wrote: » being able to sell and buy in-game items and cash shop items is a solidity and significance that makes this game so special This right here is why it will never happen because that means P2W and reboot is considered the n…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » I feel like this post is missing the meat of the event and instead focusing on the rank-up rewards as somehow being the most important facet of the whole thing. This ^ I can't believe there's honestly people complaining a…
  • Just a tip if you do Maple Tour and Ursus every day (in reboot) you will be making more than 1 billion per week easily, and that's what? less than 30 minutes of your time per day.
  • What I dislike the most is the customer support that doesn't want to actually work or put any effort in their job for what they were hired for. As soon as a ticket is too complicated or requires more effort they do their usual copy/paste responses. …
  • Allowed wrote: » Luminous0014 wrote: » I don't know about how it actually is, but I don't think I see many Beast Tamers grinding around. So I think it might be a big boost to Beast Tamer's skills to make more people play that class. But then …
  • This is going to be my first post on this forum. I started this game like a month ago. My conclusions after reaching +210 is this game spawn rate or w/e is going with it needs a big rework. The fact that I can only enjoy the game when I hav…