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  • Harvest 333 Plants on Eluna not registering

    Bug type: Event Bug

    Brief bug summary: Harvesting ANY plants on Eluna Prime does not register for the Harvest 333 Plants in Eluna Challenge Log

    More details:
    It does register for the quests I accept from NPCs on Eluna Prime (see picture enclosed below)
    I believe it's job-specific since many of my friends do not encounter this bug. Some of them are just partially registered... like sometimes it registers, sometimes it doesn't.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Accept the Eluna Challenge Log event quest.
    2. Join Eluna Expedition on top of hour during the time AS A PALADIN.
    3. Harvest ANY kind of plants on Eluna Prime.
    4. Go out and check Eluna Challenge Log.
    5. No records registered for the "Harvest 333 Plants on Eluna" quest.

    Character name: zBlackwing

    Character level: 228

    Character job: Paladin

    World name: Galicia

    Date and time of the incident: Since the beginning of the Event.

  • Being Able to see the Trio Event after Teleporting

    AKradian wrote: »
    Getting the rewards automatically would defeat the entire purpose of keeping you alert, watching and clicking, instead of grinding mindlessly.
    I don't fully agree with this.

    If it automatically claims rewards then we don't have to wait for the cat (?) to pop up before we can claim it. This brings a ton of frustration in case of misclicking (due to looting lag and killing lag) and delay. You know the feeling when you finally click that small button after so much lag, but it doesn't respond because that cat doesn't pop up yet.

    Otherwise just get rid of that cat pop-up so that we don't need to wait for it to claim the rewards
  • Look of the Month Contest April.


    IGN: zBlackwing

    World: Galicia - GRAZED

    On my character:
    - Hat: White Beanie.
    - Overall: Stylish Layered Plaid
    - Gloves: Luxury Wristwatch
    - Shoes: Tyrant Hyades Boots
    - Ring Label: G Clef Label Ring
    - Face/Eye/Weapon/Shield/Cape: Transparent Cash covers

    On my beloved Orchiroid:
    - Hat: Orchid's Black Wing Hat

    On my lovely Jr. Orchid:
    - Pet Accessory: Orchid's Hat

    My Theme:
    I decided to take my character on a cool-guy appearance. It looks realistic, simple and represents the season's specialty: cold breeze yet warmth in the air. I would not forget to include my biggest idol Orchid (her Android and Jr. versions) following me everywhere -satisfaction intensifies-. There's no way for me to pass this Contest because my idol is on the banner : ]
  • Weekly Ban Data: 03/30/2017 - 04/05/2017

    Why not using main site's for the names and link it here?
  • Random mob

    As a Demon Avenger, Frenzy mode On for more damage in Arcane River as HP is about 1% and normal mobs hit 1 damage. BAM, a floating thing spawns, you die after. GGWP NX.