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  • No Familiar Red cards for Reboot

    iArrowZ wrote: »
    ShadEight wrote: »
    iArrowZ wrote: »
    the fact that it is not there very likely means it is entirely possibly to work on familiars without using it?
    or did i read those patch notes wrong?

    you clearly read them wrong or just don't know how long it would take to get barely decent stats. It is not humanely possible to work on familiars for good lines, unless you're willing to spend years no-lifing for that one last rank-up to roll the good lines (oh and the rank up is also RNG so good luck).

    are you new to maple? lol, since when do they offer END game tier level of stats easy?
    those lines offered by familars are better than legendary bpot on most regular server items.

    expecting that to be handed out to reboot when they do not even have bpot which despite having more potential things to be on.
    familiars give GSE pot which is the best pot you get.

    i can agree that a better drop rate is needed.
    however if they add in red familiar cards they may aswell just be adding in Bpot cubes aswell. and i cant find either happening.

    tho its entirely possible if the community whines enough that nexon may include a pack in reboot. but imo its not likely.

    with that in mind. how much do you think it would cost in reboot?

    considering its almost on par or slightly better than GSE pot pretty much at uni (despite 2 lines, but 6 total). its likely to cost more than red cubes maybe even black cubes ? -tho they are pretty cheap-

    Remember years ago, when the population of maple was waning, before the "better maple" initiative they took on to stop making things grossly p2w?

    There were no master craftsman cubes, no meister cubes, not even the occult cubes that ranked down your epic gear at a low rate.
    Instead what you got were people crafting and fusing half earrings and praying to god they came epic. And once they did, they prayed to god they came with a 6% stat line so they could sell it.

    That was how f2p equips came into the game. If you wanted to buy cubes, then your gear would quickly cost much much more.

    Take that absolutely ridiculous system, and put it into reboot now. That's the equivalent of what not giving red familiar cards is.

    Why even compare to bpot? There is no bpot in reboot. Now if Nexon added bonus potentials to reboot, and made it completely impossible to cube it, even with occult bonus cubes, then you could make that comparison. But they didn't because it's absolutely ridiculous to do so.
  • DMT Issues 7/18

    Is there going to be an announcement before the server turns into a dumpster fire again for rounds 5 and 6? Or is the "team" going to do nothing and pretend this never happened?