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  • Please Reconsider Compensation for Failed DMT

    Surely, if Nexon is smart enough to be embarrass by the second failed DMT attempt to feel the need to cancel the last two time slot, they would be just as embarrass to offer such a laughable compensation. At this point, I am past disappointed and even feel ashamed for the front line GM and mods that have to post these updates.

    Like most, I was optimistic that Nexon will fix this and if not, they will at least properly compensate for the failed event but after seeing the final compensation communication, I was beyond speechless. How does one even think that the items in this bebe box would come close to being considered as reasonable compensation? 2x exp cards has nothing to do with DMT so why would you even put something like that in there? On top of that, for them to be 15 min cards is just insulting. Trait potion... how does that help make this failed DMT better for your players? Nothing disturbed me going more than that 5 symbols. Any daily on any given arcane island would have given us more than that pathetic 5 symbols your team so casually threw in there for fun. I'm not even going to mention those 2 "unique potential scrolls". Someone must have thought it would be funny to see our reaction after reading this because no matter how I look at this, I can't believe anyone in their right mind would think this is a good compensation.

    Players are trying their hardest to reach out but it just doesn't seem like our voice is heard. The team wants to advertise Nexon as a company that cares about their player base with their maple "story" and encourage players to send their story in.


    Meanwhile, there is no communication to acknowledge that our suggestions were heard. I understand that there is a lot behind the scenes that might put Nexon in a position where many of our requests or suggestions may not be possible but a little transparency goes a long way.

    With the last bit of confidence that is left in me, I, like many players hope this team will reconsider adjusting or changing this sad excuse of a compensation.

    PS- I hope this reaches you Anna.

    On the first memo you wrote introducing yourself to the community, you proudly shared the extensive experience you had along with assuring the players that you are here to make even better improvements to the game for NA. I'm sorry to say, I'm not impressed and I'm sure many in the Maple Community will agree. You didn't step forward to take on the responsibility of this failed event instead allowed your team members to take the bullets for you. When you finally did post again, on a memo that should have been there to inform reboot of a compensation, you decided to include updates of the burning world which excludes the very sever you are trying to appease. It was like a slap on the face reading that memo. When DMT round 2 failed, you were no were to be found (communication wise). Meanwhile, blame was being pushed around as to why DMT failed again rather than ownership of the failure. However, I will acknowledge the speed of action taken to mitigate the potential damage by ending DMT 2 early.

    I can only hope that you will start utilizing more of your experience to better the gaming experience for the Maplestory Community. More memo updates from you in attempt to touch base with your target audiences might be a good place to start.
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    HalbBlut wrote: »
    1. For those who say this is "unacceptable" - go pay for quality you entitled swine!
    2. For those demanding compensation - refer to 1.

    Let's all remind ourselves, this is a free to play game and an extra-free to play server. NA Reboot doesn't generate enough revenue to justify more/better servers - if you want the issue resolved? Spend NX! But complaining that the FREE game, on the FREE server, for the FREE event, and the FREE cubes you got....well it is hard to sympathize.
    Hilarious when players say stuff like "hard earned" or "worked for" since they are referring to time spent in a video game, time that they CHOSE to spend collecting a game currency.

    Y'all are speaking to the publisher, not the developer.

    Just because the game is free to play, it does not justify the overwhelming issues and failure to this extent for a major event. What is the point of creating a free to play game if you are not going to make it better? Why would anyone bother playing it? If Reboot truly doesn't generate the money so you claim (which is false as many has already pointed out that we have plenty of mvp diamonds and golds plus a high population at that) and we allegedly don't have the rights request for better game quality due to lack of funding, then we wouldn't have been included in these event and this sever wouldn't even exist. Since Nexon decided to create a sever like Reboot and include us in these events, then us not being a pay to play sever shouldn't be an justification to these failure, especially when our sever as a whole probably buy more nx to spend on cosmetics compare to a regular sever where players can buy the cosmetics they want. That is a sad excuse and your argument is clearly full of flaws.

    Players are simply expressing concerns. My purpose is offering feedback and kindly requesting for some kind of make up in return from the loyalty of playing this game for many years. I don't see anything wrong with that. I agree with you that time spend on a game is the players choice however, it doesn't mean that they didn't work hard to progress in the game. For you to think it's alright to undermine that effort is simply uncalled for.
  • 2020 DMT Suggestions, Feedback and Request

    With best intentions.. It's probably not a good idea to inform your players that you are aware of the issue with no follow up action. If you don't have resolution in place, don't comment until you can give the players some comfort knowing something will be done to make up for this. Especially, when you have a pissed off community due to event failure on one of your biggest most popular event. Everyone worked so hard anticipating and saving up for this event. You are only causing more complains giving yourself more headaches and making us feel like you either don't care or is planning to brush off the matter. I've been playing MS1 since it first came out and have yet to see a dmt fail to this extent.

    Below are some of the issues I've personally experienced during this event:

    -DC from game and unable to log back on due to severs being full. Each failed attempt to log on equals game crash. Took over 30 minutes to finally get on.
    -Excessive lag to cubing. Takes 5 to 20 minutes for black or red cubes to register that it was used. Had to change channel to refresh cubes that was used.
    -Unable to change channels or leave map. However, was able to use occult cubes with no lag.
    -When re-logged, sunny sunday advertisement would be stuck on screen preventing you from further action on the game. Realized this was due to cubing screen hidden behind the sunny sunday advertisement and you have to drag the confirmation box from behind to dismiss it before being able to complete further action in game.
    -Of the 180 cubes, I only managed to use 14 cubes within the 2 hours of DMT I attempted to participate in.

    Please consider compensating the MS players that participated in this event with another DMT and make up cubes and not something like a bebe box as it was a huge disappointment. I can't even imagine how upset players from regular severs are since they actually paid for the cubes with real money. I would hate to see MS1 fall apart like MS2.

    Thank you for reviewing this feedback and looking forward to a resolution.