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  • Character Map Reset

    We already have a special map your character teleports to when they've triggered a teleport to a map that no longer exists, which from memory can deposit you on a Victoria Island town map of your choosing. Why Lach wasn't added to this list temporarily until the issue is resolved to save moving 100s of stuck characters manually is beyond me.
  • Hollow apology and complete lack of clarification.

    ShadEight wrote: »
    The balancing excuse is utter rubbish. They probably thought people would keep switching mains until those legacy OP items become unused and therefore obsolete. Which obviously didn't happen. Now we have players running around with a $10,000 item dominating the game.

    That's the elephant in the room all this balancing talk never addresses. If such items are as they put it 'bad for the game' then in addition to never bringing back those events (and giving a definitive statement such event and/or item will never return again in that form), all existing items currently in game would/should also be removed with some form of compensation given. Not being left in game and creating power imbalance.
  • Wonderoid Broken...

    MapleSapo wrote: »
    What about the insane difficult? I spent like 6 hours on the SAME jump quest! If you get hit you die and go all the way back to the starting point, with a timer, and when you reach the end it says "the door is blocked, the elevator is broken, find another way" and you must do the same thing all over with the timer still running. I had to give up entirelly because you can't even take a break and save your progress! This is not healthy, god..seriouslly, I ended up with no coins and a headache. My eyes were burning for staying so long looking at the monitor trying to finish the jump quest. Im seriouslly concerned about what Nexon consider healthy to the game and players. Whoever created this event full of bugs and insane difficult to be done in 20 days is a sadistic.

    The B1 instance is the very definition of insanity. After clearing the steam conveyor there should be a button that at random either turns off the lasers in the vents, the roof steam vents or the floor steam vents to make the return trip less of a nuisance and less stressful for those who either suffer high latency or those bad at that type of content. Though being honest after beating B1 for the first time and discovering the stairs at the far end are blocked, that stage should be outright removed for all subsequent androids as its a dead end. Additionally the 'quick time' events on 1F needs to have the both the space bar spam prompt and the left right arrow key spam prompt removed altogether. Getting either of those on the latter 2 gates is basically an automatic fail thanks to server latency with the animation lock allowing the guards to easily catch up and be 50% or greater into your health pool before you even regain control of your character.

    I get that there needs to be some hint of difficulty since the carrot at the end of the event is for 99.99% of players a best in slot item, but as you put it, only a sadist would implement the event as is and completely ignore any notion of varying player skill level and play style.
  • lunching the game is bugged

    If you are trying to start the game via the Nexon launcher you can attempt the following to fix your issue,

    1. Open the launcher and proceed to the Maplestory tab,
    2. Click the small gear wheel located between [Discord] and [Game Summary].
    3. In this new window, click [Game Configure] on the left hand side, then click on the [Open game location] button near the bottom.
    4. In this new window, locate the file simply named [MapleStory], right click and select the [Properties] option.
    5. Select the [Compatibility] tab at the top, then look for the section labeled [Compatibility mode]
    6. Check the box next to 'Run this program in compatibility mode for' and select Windows 7 from the list available.
    7. Select [Apply] at the bottom and then [OK]
    8. Restart your computer and the game should run normally.

    I had a similar issue 2 days ago and this solution solved it for me, hopefully works for you as well.
  • Wonderoid Quest

    For those having trouble with the event and are only aiming for a heart, my advice is to do season 3 and ignore the currently bugged season 1. Season 3 is not limited to 1 person per channel unlike season 1 currently is. Completing season 3 nets you 600 event coins total, provides access to all event shop vendors and opens up 2 daily missions for an additional 30 coins per day, giving you nearly a week to beat season 3 story followed by 12 days of daily cap to obtain the heart. During that time pray Nexon fixes season 1 so you can afford the wonderoid to go with it.