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  • Demon Avenger class really needs to be buffed

    Penguinz0 wrote: »
    Seriously tho
    DA has no iframe despite needing to use HP for skills
    No burst damage skill that fits the meta
    The only redeemable thing about DA was mobbing due to nether shield, but they also nerfed that to the ground
    Just don't play DA. There's just no hope for that job.

    Another DA main here, and LMAO same. They killed shields (no more 0cd meta, the shields don't linger anymore), and yet they created a class like Adele with the flying swords.
    me: -surprisedpika-
  • [FIXED] Hero Pets Reboot unresponsive to commands

    Bug type: Cash item, functionality

    Brief bug summary: Lil Heroes of Maple pets in Reboot server do not respond to commands and pet dialogue boxes do not show up.

    More details: After purchasing a Lil Luminous and Lil Phantom (90-day pets for Reboot world) from the Cash Shop Update of 8/24, I have noticed that they do not respond to any pet commands. I have purchased a Lil Heroes Pet Command book and tried out basic commands such as "sit", "no", and "iloveyou" and they still remain unresponsive, even when you feed them there is no dialogue box like with other pets.

    I have also come across other instances, while I was searching for a solution online, of other Reboot players having the same problem with their Lil Hero pets:

    [7/25/16] - "Hero Pets"
    [8/28/16] - "Lil Aran pet has no dialogue"

    Steps to reproduce: Give a command to any of the Lil Hero pets on Reboot world and it remains unresponsive. The Lil Heroes of Maple pets seem to be working correctly and are responsive in non-reboot worlds, so it seems the bug is only affecting the temporary 90-day pets of Reboot, and so this must be tested on the Reboot server.

    Character name: Capavengers

    Character level: 195

    Character job: Demon Avenger

    World name: Reboot

    Date and time of the incident: August 28th @ 2:50 AM, but the problem still persists up to present time.