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  • Discussion: "Both" Tab in Rankings

    Please separate the reboot rankings from regular server rankings!
    Personally I don't like the [Both] button, as it sometimes bugs (If I click on Reboot or Non-Reboot, it can switch back to both by going to the next page)

    But I think it would be better to just put both Reboot ranking in its own place separate from regular servers, but so that reboot can compete with each other if they want! Rankings would look more neat that way :)

    But please separate the rankings
  • Black Mage Legion Application - Contest

    Aww I never finished mine :( But I don't wanna let it go to waste so I'll post it here just for fun!

    New Black Mage Commander Contest:

    ** [Little half dead ghost girl] **

    Tragic accident involving magic, it kills her but because
    of the spell going wrong she's part of both the world of
    the dead and the world of the living. Her body keeps switching
    in and out of each world (out of her control)
    She has crapton of HP and sometimes switch into a ghost body
    where her physical body is in the dead world, and spirit in living world
    During a fight she will randomly become a ghost where she can't take
    any damage.
    Her ability is to make inanimate objects move (She prefers animals or plushies)

    Her family were made of wizards who practiced a combination of science and magic
    She did not have the talent her parents wanted, and as the heartless people they
    were, she was used as an experiment for some of their tests. They attempt to
    make her resistant to certain attacks such as heat, electricity, experimental
    spells that would help her breathe under water, overwhelming sound waves etc.
    She started to lose her emotions and was nearly lifeless as a person.
    During the familys last experiment, it went horrible wrong. It was the worst pain
    she had ever felt and in her dying moment she cursed her own family and they all
    got attacked and killed in the horribly failed experiment.
    She had none and nowhere to go to, and just wandered around slowly while picking
    up trashed plushies and dolls. The darkness around got drawn to her, which caught
    the attention of the black mage

    (didnt get further)
  • The Will to Draw - Will Fan Art Contest

    Help I commented by accident
  • The Will to Draw - Will Fan Art Contest

    IGN: Lapras

    World: Luna

    Name of Artwork: Are you willing to take a chance?

    Description: This version of Will is slightly different.. Yes, it's indeed female! Nothing more fun than putting a twist to it, right? Willow is ready to accept your challenge, and she is quite confident.
    Sitting in her throne in the darkness where she belongs, with her long and silver hair!


    I was very excited about drawing female Will
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    Okhura wrote: »
    If we remove hackers from the equation, would anyone miss it for any other reason?

    There are many reasons we miss it

    There's people who try to make trades or deals who don't have each other in buddy list or anything to be able to find them, it is very convenient to know if the other party is online or not.
    Since the only way to find people is having them in buddy list or guild, think of the people who have maxed out buddy list (100/100) and a guild that won't accept just anyone. It's hard to keep in touch in game with those you can't add to buddy.
    The above also applies for even your own alliance. You can only check where your own guild mates are at, not those in alliance guilds. /find command was very convenient for finding and helping alliance members too.

    I imagine some people might use it to avoid people they wouldn't want to bump into or see.

    Not even GMs will be able to track the hackers if there's no /find command? How will they even be able to find them to investigate in game?
    (Obviously tracking illegit players is a huge loss for those who want to help the game team keep game clean, even if that isn't their job at all and should be done by the GMs)

    What do we gain from removing /find and hyper rock teleport to other players?

    So far I have only seen people complaining about harassment and unnecessary stalking, but this should be possible to prevent in other ways?

    I honestly see more positives from having the command than negatives.