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  • Remove the Sol Erda Cap

    Nexon please look at removing this cap, it's completely unacceptable and really silo's this system into a chore. Please also share this memo around your office from 2021, escpecially to the people that communicate with the community.


    Better Explanation of Game Changes and Updates

    We plan to provide additional context and intention behind some of the important changes that will be implemented in future game updates through our Patch Notes. Our goal is to provide better visibility to our players about why a specific change is being made. We will continue to release Maple Memos for bigger changes in-game that we need to explain to our players with more context.

    This change along with many others has not been handled well, the team at Nexon really need to step up their game as this is really disappointing. A game that I love does not seem to share that same love by the team handling it for the global community.
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  • Please don't implement Reboot EXP Nerfs

    Hey Nexon,

    Please don't implement the nerfs to Reboot EXP and Mob HP as seen in the Korean version of the game.
    These changes will only severely hurt Reboot mainly in the level 200+ areas of the game.

    Regular servers have access to services from other players like frenzy totem which if still in the game will create another large gameplay discrepancy between the two styles of playing Maplestory.

    The nerfs to EXP needed between 250-300 do not seem make up for slowed rate of leveling.

    Please revisit this and do not blindly implement every change that comes form Korea.