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January 15, 1998
  • Look of the Month contest: May




    Short description of what your character is wearing:
    • Hayato's Helmet (Hat)
    • Arkarium's Beard (Face)
    • Michaela's Glasses (Eye Acc)
    • Beaded Cross Earrings (Ear Acc)
    • Red Mantle (Overall)
    • Metus (Weapon)
    • Falcon Wing Sentinel Gloves (Gloves)
    • Red Hunter Shoes (Shoes)
    • Sirius Cape (Cape)

    What look you're going for (theme):
    I was mostly inspired by the Japanese samurai archer theme. At least that's what my look eventually morphed into. I like hanging out in Mushroom Shrine and other old-world Japan inspired places in MapleStory.

    I like to think that my character is a retired samurai relaxing in the Maple World, saving it whenever there's trouble and giving wisdom and assistance to unseasoned noobies/travelers.

    Also, I really like that my character is very clean and non-cluttery. The lack of titles, multiple giant pets, and large flashy effects gives a fresher look to it.

    Supplementary Details

    Things that contribute to look, but aren't clothes:
    • Red Rose Label Ring (Label Ring)
    • Final Hitter (Medal)
    • Craw (Pet)
    • Snow Hair (White)
    • Hoi Poi Face (Red)

    Thoughts and History behind look:
    The progress on this look has been gradually underway for the last 4-5 years. I'd have to say it started with my pair of Michaela's Glasses I picked up from Xerxes over 5 years ago. Ever since then, I've been building up an assortment of complementary equips with lots of trial and error. I also try to take people considerations and recommendations. After the glasses I got my Hayato's Helmet from a Hot Time more than 4 years ago. Following that, I managed to pick up an Arkarium's Beard from the 2013 Mystic Gate event.

    In early 2013, I picked up the most adorable little Craw as my pet, and I quickly fell in love with it. I lovingly have named him Spopovich. He, with his charming little pirate hat, are a perfect match for my intended color scheme, and surprisingly this is actually a coincidence.

    I began to do research on MapleStory items that might compliment my current four assets, primarily looking for red/gold/samurai/old man type of items. This process was a very gradual one which took, like I mentioned earlier, about 4-5 years.

    My final look (for the most part) was achieved in around March 2015, though I did make a small change a year later when I started using the Final Hitter medal which was received from Act I of Heroes of Maple.

    Detailed Analysis:

    As can be clearly seen, almost all of my equips have a relation, in that they are red/gold-trimmed/black. Here are some other cool relations some of my items have with each other.

    • The seamless transition in the sleeve to the glove is one of my favorite things about this look. These are two unrelated items (lvl140 Glove and lvl110 Overall), yet they seem destined for each other!
    • I like that almost all of my worn clothes have a gold trim to them! Take a close look!
    • The relation of my medal to my guild emblem is fantastic. The aquamarine, gold, and white colors are almost identical in each. I was deadset on my look 2 years ago, until I got this medal and immediately noticed how perfect it was.
    • My pet Craw is also very much worth mentioning. It's obvious, but all of his colors are ones that I have on my equips. His goldish beak compliments the crescent on my Hayato's Helmet. The pirate hat has almost the exact colors as my hat as well . Also note that his wings match the color of my guild emblem and medal which is also lovely!

    I'm happy that I finally made an entry in this contest!

    yeah we're definitely gonna win. MapleStory is the best Nexon game by FAR.

    rip kartrider
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    These new forums are pretty sweet looking. One of the main reasons I wouldn't visit the old forums was just how bland it looked.