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  • My story. Memorial NPC Request for my best friend.

    Hello dear friends, old and new players
    My name is E. , Im 24 years old from Israel , aka (IGN'S) Mission/Rekt Most of you probably don't know me because I have been inactive for many years
    And I wanted to share my story with you

    Almost a decade ago I was a very active player in Maple Story and if I may say the strongest on the Scania server and in the whole game
    I loved helping people and I met a lot of Israelis and good people along the way, but only with one of them did I really have a real connection

    I met Ben, aka (IGN) OwnUrFridge through The Maple Story
    Ben was my best friend, we met at the age of 14-15 a relationship that started as friendship in a virtual game
    which turned out to be a real family over the years, for me he was a brother ,Blood, we grew up together, we gained experiences and moments that I will never forget in my life
    we even had moments in the army after the we got released from serving we worked together and also flew to festivals around the world
    Things that only brought us closer and strengthened this connection we had that I really can't describe in words
    And we were always torn by this illusory part that we actually meet each other through a computer game and that it feels unreal

    Two months ago, Ben drowned on his big trip in Laos and I was left crushed, a dark period fell on me and on the entire close environment that accompanies me until now
    Ben was an amazing person, a real warrior, he served in the K9 unit was insanely good with Dogs , a black belt in judoka
    An exceptionally smart person with a lot of dreams and ambitions, one from whom you can learn a lot
    And all this crazy friendship started in this game and forum and I really wanted to share it with you

    What led me to write my last post here in the first place is because I wanted to share with you guys my idea of making his character an NPC in Henesys near the spot we used to sit so he can stay there alive in the mapleworld for ever. I would like to get all of your support I appreciate each one of you .

    I wanted to share with you guys this story so you know you can find friends&friendships and things you couldn't think of like this too
    And that you can meet people today (since many years) easily through the internet and games and that in my eyes is amazing
    I personally did not get to know a similar story
    And I wanted to share with you my story, which changed my life and good things came out of this game
    I am thankful for every moment I played, I met amazing people along the way and gained crazy experiences and basically this is how the chapter ends
    I hope that everyone will take this as a learning experience and I hope that better days will come upon us
    Thank you Maplestory for the best years of my life and for the opportunity to know Ben , This is the Closure for me

    Ben Shaul Zafarani HaLevi, rest in peace brother.
    May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life. Loved brother @OwnUrFridge @GMKelsath

    Pics from better days

    From left to right : Me , Ben (In the Middle) , Boom Festival 2022


    Link to the article :