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May 13, 1995
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Positive is how I live
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Hi, Name is Raymond but people call me Ray! Im 21 years old and I was with Maplestory since 2005.
  • Cadena & Illium Fan Art Contest [WINNERS]

    Description: Cadena Saves Christmas!

    Once upon a time on a cold December Day there once lived a new class Cadena. It was Christmas Day here in old Maplestory, but the monsters took over Christmas and its spirit. Can Cadena Save Christmas by using new powers to take them out!

    IGN: Knoebels
    World: Scania


  • Ahoys from CM Arwoo~

    I have a question for you? What do you like about your new placement here for being a CM! Were you nervous for the position? Did you know what you were getting yourself into? Are you excited to be a part of the Maple Community? I just want to hear your feedback on that because each CM that we had in the past were different. Thanks. Happy Mapling! Arwoo!

    PS> Sorry for being a little to excited for next week! I'm just happy that they got a New CM and that you will do great as a Team! :)
  • ChairStory V: Design-A-Chair Contest

    imageDesign A V Chair Entry

    Here is the link of the pictures: http://imgur.com/a/mFkiq

    If you sit on your class your chair will glow that color.

    How do you get the equipment:

    The chair would be in a Hot Time Event! If your lucky you can received this awesome chair that would remind you of the V Update!

    The Story:

    Once Upon a Time in the lands of Maple World their was these 5 classes that came together and showed off there new skills to the world of Maplestory. These classes were Pirate, Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief. Each of the classes has new skills and abilities to fight off these new monsters that took over Maplestory. The new Boss Lucid ( Master of NIghtmares ) was very strong but these classes were very intelligent and they took this new boss out and became stronger with the experience they received from this Big Bad Boss! When the Hot Time comes Maplers can remember the time they took out Lucid if they get this lucky chair in the Box.

    How it Fits into MapleWorld:

    It fits into MapleWorld because the 5 classes are on top of the chair and if you are 1 of the 5 classes they are represented to honor these classes that maplers chosen to be. It is also a chair that shows the V Update with very high tech blue.

    Why is my Chair Unique:

    It is very unique because I hand made it myself by using the following items

    - Glitter Glue
    - Styrofoam piecies
    - Styrofoam Board
    - Cotton Balls with colors
    - Flowers that represent ( Maple leaves that represent each class)
    - Little beads to decorate the front of the chair
    - Fuzzy String ( Pipe Cleaner)

    Description of each piece:

    The front piece represents a pipe cleaner with the 5 classes represented on the chair. I also used the maple pieces to represent my favorite classes Magician and Pirate. I used glitter glue and paint to paint the front of the chair with dots. The V shaped represents the update.

    The side piecies represents a arm rests with different cotton ball colors. It also has different colors on the side for decoration.

    The middle piece has blue cotton ball pillows so your character can have a cozy experience while sitting in the chair. I also put blue glitter glue on top. In the middle I put maple leaves for each class. If you sit on your class your chair will glow that color. P.S. I didn't have a green piece but if your a Bowman it will glow green.

    The bottom piece shows the theme of the chair. I wanted to make it blue/white to represent a blueish white so it can make it extra special for the maplers. I have glitter glue and blue beads on them.

    IGN: Officey
    World: Scania
    Location: East Coast, USA

    p.s - I used Deviantart for the glow of the colors.

    I hope you like my handcrafted chair and wish the others goodluck!!