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  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    [UPDATE - 6:40 AM] During testing of the patch, an issue was discovered that needs to be corrected. Unfortunately, this will require a delay of several hours, and we'll provide a more specific ETA and more information as we correct this issue.

    Thank you Maplers once again for your continued patience and understanding throughout this Unscheduled Maintenance.
    its oke <3
    keep with a good work hope all bugs/erros gets ironed and be smooth af </blockquote>

    Your as annoyed as everyone stop pretending you aint, you wont get free stuff for brown nosing

    dude shame on you ...
    instead of being patient you decide to flame on people that work hard just for us to make it as much as posb better
    if you are that "strong" showeing so much power why dont give them tip on how to fix? whats wrong ? you can open files and deep search aswell evryone can help in some way but
    the things you say and do wont help

    half of the blame its in the community that makes nexon work under pressure and its sad that nexon lisent to you and rush to open the game just to calm you ..
    They wouldn't have to work under pressure if they would stop lying by extending the damn maintenance with 2 hours EVERY 2 HOURS. Just let it simple "maintenance for the next 48 hours" GG. Would that be hard?
    Instead they choose to post 5 minutes before the deadline and say that it will take another 2 hours. 3 times in a row. You can't possible protect them for doing this.
    It's not called lying when new bugs keep popping up and you have to spend extra time to fix them. You can't blame them if they don't want to keep extending the maintenance by holding off until the last minute to let people know, because what if they manage to fix it in time? Everyone complaining really needs to get a taste of what it means to be a programmer and software engineer. Unless you've sat down and pulled an all-nighter trying to debug a program, only to find a bunch of new bugs, and STILL think you can do a better job, then you have no right to flame anyone who probably spent all night trying to bring this game up for your impatient selves to play. No Maplestory for a single day isn't going to be the end of your life.

  • [Unscheduled Maintenance] Nov. 30, 2016

    Godspeed to the staff. Debugging for 18+ hours is no fun.
  • [CONTEST] Emergency MS Paint Contest

    Phantom got real tired of losing mesos to Luminous when they play poker.
    RaiGenoSpiceLatteíòxóìFeraSilentoKandonDualLeafx3MadeYaLookCynicalEyesAcuteand 11 others.
  • Black Friday Big Spender Event in Reboot

    i would prefer they change the reward on reboot to a perm pet or something. But more realistically, maybe A small stack of Water of life (since they wouldn't do a perm pet most likely, a few months worth of unexpiring water of life coupons would be very useful without cutting too much reboot income from them) and/or unexpiring hyper tele stone coupons and/or unexpriing potion pot de-ruster coupons

    I dont think you should be able to get actual gear at ALL in reboot by using NX. That's kinda the point of reboot.
    That's actually a good point. Totally forgot this totally infringes the non-pay2win system they got going on in Reboot. Maybe they should consider other rewards for us that aren't going to impact that principle. Granted I still don't think pets or pet-revives are non-pay2win either though. Pets go a long way in farming and make all the difference. A perm hyper tele rock sounds sick though. I just think some kind of reward that wouldn't have a high chance of being useless would be nice. :/ Something useful but not game impacting.
  • Black Friday Big Spender Event in Reboot

    If possible, I think it would be cool to decrease the degree of randomization for the Tyrant and Fafnir boxes in Reboot. I'm not saying to take out the randomization altogether, but just make it so that, for example, you are Thief so you only receive Lycaon Tyrants or Thief class Fafnirs. In the regular servers you can at least sell Fafnirs and Tyrants that aren't for your class, but in Reboot, you'll just be staring at $40 worth of random rewards that you can't do anything with. It just seems like Reboot players would be setting themselves up for a lot of disappointment for the Big Spender Event rewards if they're randomized to this degree. We already experience this disappointment quite often in Union Voyages when we pick up the weapon for our main class on one of our mules. x'D

    Editted: People brought up good points that Tyrants and Fafnirs violate the concept of non-pay2win. Maybe some other prize for reboot servers would be cool, like perm/longer hyper tele rocks or cash boxes.