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  • [Official] MapleStory Global Discord Server

    Says we need a 4 digit tag...? And weren't people against a maple discord..
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    JushiroNet wrote: »
    Just figured out your ign :p you play in <>. Anyways, grats on the solo. Have you beat Chaos Pierre yet? When I first started soloing CRA, that was by far the most annoying boss I ever faced due to its mechanics.

    Let him stay anonymous in game if he wants.

    That's why i didnt post his ign o.o
    Arwoo wrote: »
    Hahaha my In-game name is no "big" secret! Due to this I am very neutral and don't dedicate myself to a specific guild.
    (Though I'm curious as to how you figured me out!)

    I actually haven't tried Pierre yet due to how RNG I've heard he is. I have tried Crimson Queen and Vellum.
    Not a big fan of Crimson Queen though. I can beat her, but it's not a victory I'm proud of due to how it feels as though you can be forced into a situation with not much room for counterplay *coughburning+zombifycough*

    I'll need a decent amount of Ignore Defense before being able to hit Vellum hard enough to beat though.

    I found out by 1) your class 2) your level and 3) your current exp/%. Sure, the rankings still don't have avatar pictures(Is this being looked into btw?) but the character ign i found that best matched that description had a very familiar ign to your forum name lol.

    Yeah Queen is generally easy but she can be a handful with her different forms, debuffs, and attacks. Cvel requires a lot of range, mobility and a keen eye for floor traps. And Pierre.... very RNG. The mechanics behind him are super annoying even for funded players sometimes. If you don't already have it, I suggest you try to get the Erda Nova skill node(it's a skill that gives Bind for all classes), even at lv 1 it can be useful for crucial moments.
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Perfect run! The whole fight took around 25 minutes. Absolutely have to keep the clock at 9:59 before he starts trying to collapse time just in case I don't get lucky with meteors on the final 20% mechanic. Perhaps one of my more favorite boss fights due to being mechanic focused and not so much just dodging things.


    Just figured out your ign :p you play in Windia. Anyways, grats on the solo. Have you beat Chaos Pierre yet? When I first started soloing CRA, that was by far the most annoying boss I ever faced due to its mechanics.
  • MapleStory Community Survey - my responses

    Nice post. I would like to share what I submitted for the survey as well but... as usual I'm disappointed in how Nexon did this. I can pretty much say that mostly all my responses were negative and I rated Nexon a 1. My reasoning for rating it a 1 is because Nexon does this too often when there's a crisis happening and nothing ever comes from it. Since 2016 they have implemented 3 surveys that I know of.
    1. The survey you get when you close Maple. I believe this was added early 2016. What was done with this information? What did you use the information for? What was the point of it? Can you please remove it now?
    2. There was another survey around the time that poll was released that asked if we wanted to revert back the time zone change(to this day we still haven't heard from that either). This survey was just a general survey to see how everyone was feeling about the game and services.
    3. And now there's this survey.

    Why should we expect this time to be any different? This last survey took way longer to create than it was supposed to(not that it matters, but I expected it to be far more detailed given the time it took to make), was missing many things, and was also worded in a weird/bad way. I know surveys are supposed to be something for you, Nexon, to analyze and use to make changes. But your track record is not very good when it comes to being up-front with the information you collect.

    In the survey, I wrote that the biggest issue right now is Communication and Transparency. If I really have to explain what I mean by this, you have not been keeping up with the forums at all. One huge step forward would be using this very survey to disclose just how the community feels about things. It would allow us the players to reflect just how much the community has in common and how we can come together to better assist you in making Maple a better game.
  • A Proposal that needs your support.

    Pretty wrote: »
    Yea, we all know these people aren't completely innocent but it's quite sad how the attention shifted away from the hackers, exploiters, and dupers and stuck on the banned 'pros'.

    What you don't realize is that quite a few of these "pros" are one and the same.

    Where's your proof? I didn't know I need to 'realize' an opinion of yours.

    Anyways, I really don't care if these guys stay banned or get released. It's just a shame that all this noise is caused by like 20 ppl getting banned for buying/handling illegit weapons when there are thousands of hackers wreaking havoc on Maple. Also, what about all the duped items that have been around for YEARS, can we ban the ppl who have those items as well while we're at it?