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  • Please change the server time back to PST.

    yes please! :/ idk whats utc seriously nexon -.-''
    UTC is a universal time standard... its not a time zone as such but its matches GMT. im from a GMT timezone so it means for me and others in the UK reset is at midnight, rather than 11pm, which it was when EMS was set to Central European Time.

    I said before in an earlier post though that this move was incredibly short sighted. NA players are still NA, and EU doesnt have a large player base as it stands right now. And considering that, I really dont get why this had to happen to GMS players.
    if its not a time zone then why did they add it.

    Because Nexon never bothers to take preemptive measures when they should. Just like they did with the ninja Kanna nerf/Totem p2w change for training.
  • Nebulites, Bonus Potential Cubes & Violet Cubes

    The link below is to a thread someone posted regarding Epic and Unique Bonus Potential scrolls. I figured I'd post it here as well since it would also be a great idea to make Maplestory less pay2win.

  • Nebulites, Bonus Potential Cubes & Violet Cubes

    @AKradian so what do you think Nexon should do?
    Keep in mind that they have more people playing than just the ones that hit cap, and that pretty much everything since Lotus has been nigh impossible for anyone who doesn't? And also stop pumping out boss after boss after boss that's specifically tailored to the top percentage of players?

    There are a lot of things wrong with the game as far as the gap between the average players and the strongest players. I am 110% all for making things easier for average players. I would love to be able to afford getting my own nebs instead of having to merch for weeks/months just to afford one neb. I would love to do daily bosses to afford green cubes from the reward shop. Or even buy 25k nx for Violet Cubes if they were to return every 6 months... These are the points I made in this thread. It was never intended to be something to solely benefit those who cap.

    If nexon were to implement my suggestions, it would be something that could increase EVERY players stats by a great amount and maybe I'm wrong for this but I don't see anything wrong with that at all. Would I be upset that I can't afford S nebs but pros can? Sure.... but it's unfair to hate on people who own a Lamborghini simply because you can't afford one. That's just the way things are.

    I agree with you about the bosses becoming incredibly harder with each patch... but there are still many bosses that people can't defeat and they have been out for a while now. For example, Hard Magnus and Chaos Root Abyss(CRA) bosses. To many, they are not that hard to defeat, but to most, they are simply impossible. I believe that Nexon needs to somehow bring back the expedition system in order to have more than 6 people enter certain bosses. ESPECIALLY Damien and Lotus. Those who can solo or don't need many people to defeat those bosses will not lose anything except maybe the value of whatever drops one may get from the bosses. But to everyone else, it would mean that they can acquire more items that will make them more income and grant them more chances to further expand their range and experience with end-game content without having to spend $$$. It will also make Maple a more sociable game.

    Sadly, it seems that Nexon did not care(or was unable) to find a fix to the expedition DC hacks and other problems that were happening. Should they ever decide to bring that back, the game will be so much better.
  • Nebulites, Bonus Potential Cubes & Violet Cubes

    @AKradian so what do you think Nexon should do?

    @PirateIzzy Those are great ideas. Nebulites are sorta like accessories anyways. And not many people do accessory crafting so it would be a great way to improve 2 different things simultaneously
  • Nebulites, Bonus Potential Cubes & Violet Cubes

    1) I don't see a single reason why S nebs need to be added. It will only benefit the people who can afford to fuse A-rank nebs constantly.
    Did you not read the rest of the suggestion? The system would be revamped, making the process of fusion and acquiring A nebs easier. You just looked at 'S neb' and immediately singled it out without even giving your opinion on the accompanying suggestion. I mean surely you can agree that the system needs changing?
    Thanks ShadEight, you said exactly what I wanted to say.

    @Aggraphine I understand you're reluctant to having S nebs in game but I think you should re-read the suggestions I posted. Like someone else has already stated, those who pay money will ALWAYS be further ahead than those who don't. It does not matter even if Nebulites didn't exist, they would simply pursue something else. I'm upset that S nebs are causing so much debate because they are the least of my concerns. Players who don't already have all of the [A] nebs that they need will be able to obtain them so much easier and without having to spend a single dollar but Nexon will never make all Nebulites available without having to spend nx.

    Why would you, or anyone else for that matter, care whether or not the powerermongers are using S nebs when A nebs will be obtainable by everyone? If anything, it will serve as motivation for players to try and actually boss in groups to take on more difficult bosses such as Damien, Lotus, and Lucid.

    Heres a serious question for you, would you rather
    A) Leave the Nebulites system as broken as it is right now, where obtaining the best nebs for your equips cost anywhere from 5-6bil mesos


    B) Add S nebs and make all other nebs easier to obtain without having to spend nx at all