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  • Need help loading Maple :\

    Hello all.

    So the laptop I was using before was working fine - just the fan had stopped working so I tried to reinstall a new fan but the power button broke in the process - so now that laptop is scuffed. But I had another laptop that had a scuffed harddrive, so I put the harddrive from the one with the broken power button into the laptop that had a scuffed drive. Everything works fine. Just when I try to run MapleStory, for some reason, when I press "Play" it loads, a few seconds later, NGS comes up, but then nothing happens for a good 5 seconds and when I go to check Nexon Launcher - the "Play" button is reenabled... I can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Anyone have any ideas? :\

    Hoping someone here knows what the problem is.

    EDIT: I've tried all solutions in this thread here that talks about the solutions, but nothing works.
  • 12th Anniversary Maple Museum

    The current 12th Anniversary event going on, there is a thing called Maple Museum
    I was just wondering why that isn't account-bound, I have items from various anniversary's that I would like to contribute to the museum but am unable to transfer them to my main character because I cannot put them in storage so I cannot contribute those to Maple Museum, is there a reason why this event isn't account bound?
    I would really like to be able to finish this event, but I might not be able to because I don't have much time to hunt for the anniversary boxes to be able to get the items, so any amount of items I can get towards the event will help a lot.
  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    I live chatted Nexon earlier and told them the problems. One of the GM's (Llaust) said the following:

    "Sorry for the delay. We have received similar feedback from other players regarding the limitations. Our Game Team has been made aware of this and they are looking into it for further consideration."

    Whether or not they'll look into it will be seen.
  • How do you feel about the V coin limits?

    Like I'm not even mad that they put a coin limit in, they do it to prevent abuse and I understand that, what I and probably many other people are mad about is why they made this limit 10....