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  • How Far have you gone for Maplestory?

    When I first started playing Maplestory back when I was a wee little one, we only had the family computer. I was allowed to use it to play games on flash sites like addictinggames.com and Cartoonnetwork.com, but I wasn't allowed to download anything.I saw an ad for Maplestory (which looked awesome). I told my dad it was free to play, and asked if I could try it. He was very particular about his computer, and gave me a very firm no.
    A day or so later of researching and watching youtube videos, I was absolutely convinced the game was going to be sweet. So one day while I was home, 'sick' from school, I downloaded it. It took about an hour back then on low quality internet/computers. I made an email account (also was not allowed to do) specifically to register and play. I hid a piece of paper in my room with my login info where my parents wouldn't find it. I played it until about an hour before my parents were supposed to be home, and I was hooked. So what would any logical child do?
    Uninstall the game, and re-install it every time I happened to be 'sick' (which I was 'sick' a lot that week haha). This went on for a little over a week until one day my dad came home for lunch and I was hard-focused on Kerning PQ runs and didn't hear him. He comes downstairs and says hi, and I turn around. There was about 10 seconds of us both just frozen, processing individually. Me, that I was screwed, him, figuring out what the hell I was doing.
    I ended up being grounded for a week, and Maplestory removed and warned not to re-install. After that week though, I asked him nicely if I could show him the website and some videos. When he deemed it safe to download, I showed him around the game and asked if I could keep playing. He decided that if I liked it that much to break the rules just to play it, I must really enjoy it. So he let me keep it. And I've been a Mapler ever since :)