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  • A message about KThxBaiNao

    Umm I just logged on the forums today and seeing this actually shocked me, because despite my experiences with him which weren't pleasant, I don't think it was fair how you guys put so much responsibility on him. He was just one person and communicating with virtually everyone on the game probably isn't easy. So maybe you should hire more people so your small staff doesn't get so overwhelmed.

    I'm just so sad now I cannot follow KAY THANK YOU GOODBYE NOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA STREAMS AND LIKE ALL HIS POSTS RELATED TO MAPLE OR ANYTHING FUNNY ABOUT HIS PERSONAL LIFE(WHICH NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW) WHAT AM I GUNNA DO NOW? DO I RELLY HAVE TO GO BACK TO GRADING MY CHILDRENS TEST PAPERS AND CORRECTING THE MISTAKE NAO FOR NOW GIVING THEM A -2 PTS PER LINE AND GIVING THEM ANOTHER -2 POINTS FOR SAYING BYE "BAI"? SOUNDS LIKE BAE? HM. such a shame such a huge shame, shame, shame. I mean even though he never got back to us with anything he still was cool 2 follow on twitta and reddit and cray stuffz like that. didn't help me one time. in fact had a lot of issues with him, but not that hes not a twitter GOD I'm so over him LF> new Korean idols
    We get it.
    You want a middle-aged white guy who's never played MapleStory, but can dish out the corporate double-speak in perfect formal English. A father-figure who would make you feel secure and looked-after, even when you're ignored as Nexon has always ignored us.
    I have no idea what kind of "management" you expect a CM to do to the community. Herd us?

    Personally, I don't like memes and I found Michael's videos cringeworthy, but I can see beyond that to the actual work he did.
    A CM has very little power. He's just an ambassador. A go-between the company and the community. His ability to solve our issues with the game is extremely limited. KThxBaiNao at least understood what those issues were, and was able to assign them priorities and explain them to the dev team. For issues internal to NexonNA he did more than that. He helped many people who were wrongfully banned or had other personal customer-support issues, get those issues actually looked at instead of brushed off. He rearranged the forums and added the "forwarded issues" lists to help with transparency. He got items on sale in the Cash Shop that we asked for (for example, right now we have the Mix Dye Coupon added, that was suggested on this forum). True, he can't fix servers and he can't fix bugs and when he gets incorrect answers from the devs he passes them on unknowingly, but no other CM could do any better in those regards. And yeah, he couldn't keep up, but none of them ever did. The workload is too much for one person.

    Anyway, I don't know why he got fired.
    It may be because he pushed too hard for everyone else in the company to do their jobs and fix the game or treat the players fairly.
    It may be because he was unable to be in California and therefore unable to do parts of his job (most notable, or at least most visible: he was unable to stream the V update, so those two clowns had to, resulting in a PR disaster; and he could not provide us with updates during the long night maintenances, so OneLetter had to do that).
    It might even be something stupid like some high muck-a-muck calling a meeting and firing Michael in a fit of pique when he couldn't physically attend.

    But regardless of the reason, I still feel he was one of the best CMs we ever had, and definitely cared the most about the game and players. And I fear that, if that was the reason he was let go, then our next CM is sure to be an apathetic bureaucrat.
    Are you really bringing race into this? Race has nothing to do with this we literally had a white CM and he left so I think you need to take that race bs somewhere else because it's not cute. Nexon is just a bad company and they have no morals. I'm pretty sure Hime got fired as well from what I heard on the internet. They will let you go regardless of skin color.
    OF COURSE HE HAD TO BRING RACE INTO THIS! when in doubt pull the race card DUHHHHH!!! every failure does that in history of being a loser with a invalid point/debate just butt hurt one of his boyfriend's on staff got fired for being incompetent and extremely under aged/therefore most likely unqualified/FOS "M.O.D." I could honestly name a handful of appropriately educated/sufficient aged mapler friends who'd do the job like a serious civil duty, not just some HYPEBRO

    Well you're a bright star, aren't you.
  • Know what you main? Find out what you SHOULD main.

    Bowmen and women, Warriors, Magicians, Thieves, and Pirates. Which of these branches do you really belong in?
    literally just stop everyones already pissed nothing you say at this point will make us laugh or interested
    Relax. Nobody attacked you.