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  • Reconsider the In-game name Cooldown

    They have a feature somewhat like this in other games.

    For example, in one game when you delete a character the name is locked for some duration of time so that no one can steal it. The exception is that the account which deleted it can use the name again immediately.

    This would only prevent name selling, which in my opinion is the only problem worth solving.

    Name hoarding is fine with me, but others may prefer this to dealt with.
  • Regarding Changes to Kanna

    Why does haku need to give the party a damage buff at all? It was a kanna only buff originally, and they have plenty of other utility without it being a party buff.

  • Are GMs even active at non-peak hours?

    can you go below 0
  • Questions about Union

    I heard there's benefits to starforcing your union characters, what is it?
    Starforcing your characters increases their damage in legion. Their "damage" is the passive damage they deal over time to the boss in legion.
    This is the main way you generate legion coins.
    Also heard about legion ranks, how do you rank up and what are the benefits?
    Legion ranks allow you to place more attackers on your grid, and gain more stats/benefits. You'll need the required total level and legion coins to unlock it. Simply talk to the legion NPC in most towns to raise rank.
    So far I only did the puzzle thing and did the legion boss once
    Every time the boss dies a new one will spawn and you can attack it to remove the yellow portion of it's health bar. This will help you generate a few extra coins per day.
  • Haku's blessing is unresonable

    It's supposed to be a self buff for the kanna. What are you doing nexon.