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  • A message about KThxBaiNao

    Maybe related to this?

    Either way if Nexon got rid of him, it's the worse decision they could do...
    That website has a lot of irrelevant illegal activity that Nexon(NA) doesn't want any part in with. So in other terms he overstepped his duties, but in all honesty it was a trust issue. "You can't spread our devs info onto any 3rd party site", I highly doubt he would ever spill devs codes to 3rd party sites.

    We know who's paranoid.

    That is absolutely ridiculous.

    r/maplestory is a fansite (for lack of a better term) that devs should be actively frequenting and using to communicate with their playerbase. I can think of numerous games ( League of Legends, Overwatch, Planetside 2, and many more) where devs ( or at the very least a CM) use reddit as much ( if not more often) than their own game's forum. I can't even fathom how you can possibly think the maplestory subreddit is a place of 'irrelevant illegal activity'.

    If Nexon can't trust its own employees when they're doing an outstanding job, then there's something really rotten up the chain.

    Also, I don't think you really understand how much information a CM has access too. A CM doesn't do any software development ( and I have a hunch that neither does anyone at Nexon NA), so they wouldn't have any 'code to spill' regardless. Again, I believe that if Nexon can't trust its own employees, then the problem is in their management.
    r/maplestory is an incredibly toxic community. One of the absolute worst I have ever seen, Maple related or otherwise. Its no wonder the devs stay so far away from it. I would too if I ran a game and had a community like that that wanted to talk to me

  • I dunno if it belongs here....