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January 1, 1983
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(Time goes by fast; in life we turn around and years have passed.)
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i am kind,likes to help others.
  • From Awesome event to EWWW event

    Deathmobs wrote: »
    Nexon could have spent their time making the game more stable, instead they're just making their players even angrier.

    Seriously Nexon... it's time to sell the game. Find an American gaming company that knows what they're doing and sell it to them.

  • Anyone wanna do cygnus with me in khaini?

    Dark20 wrote: »
    Once again, I wanna apologize for all the bashing after all the frustration from seeing all the changes from all the classes. I wanna see nexon improve though not just on content, but on fixing lag issues.

    Second, I'm looking for the cygnus familiar, and I was wondering if anyone would like to party me to do cygnus whenever I reach lvl 140 on my xenon?
    u don't need to apologize it's alright I know how it feels when players are waiting for a response from nexon of when will they fix the lag issue from event hall and more but no words from nexon of course u can't bash from the forum because it's against the rule also if your looking for a party u better join in the guild.

  • This lag is ridiculous.

    Dark20 wrote: »
    Hey Sagyo, you listening? You're a GM. Do something about this sh**t. Or are you too chicken sh**t to do anything about it?
    lol its so sad that not even single gm for maplestory cares about the game unfortunately.

  • Change server time back to PST

    I don't like UTC timezone because it doesn't make sense and it's so confusing when it comes to events :/ Bring the pst back nexon!.
  • Nexon, come on now

    Arlong wrote: »
    Ok, this was funny at first. hahah all the players are disconnecting and lagging, yea hahahah.
    But this isn't funny anymore.
    Come on now, we know you have that big red button in nexon hq that erases all lag and latency.
    Push it already.
    We got all these coins from these events but we can't get to the shop to spend them because event hall is lag hell.
    I'm with ya on this one seriously every player is telling to nexon to fix the lag in the event hall but no words almost as if nexon is telling to the players *deal with it*.