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  • I'm the victim of a petty report, should I worry?

    You might want to keep this in mind for every online game out there too. It's pretty much the same rules in every game.

    The 10 commandments of online games.

    1:Thou shalt not spread rumors on other players
    2:Thou shalt not hack for anything (be it for personal gain, or for sharing with others)
    3:Thou shalt not abuse of glitches
    4:Thou shalt not kill steal (KS)
    5:Thou shalt not harass others
    6:Thou shalt not repeatedly attack weak players in PvP focused games (like Town-Defenses for example)
    7:Thou shalt not be salty when losing, and salty when winning
    8:Thou shalt not falsely report others (be it on purpose or not)
    9:Thou shalt not ... uh... I forgot
    10:Thou shalt not ignore the 9 previous commandments

    Well. In short. Community rules in MapleStory should be the same around every other online games, unless it's a game mostly about co-op (like Warframe, or MOBAS).

    In fact, if you complain too much that people didn't let you kill a target in MOBAS, you might be laughed at. And I said too much.

    You can give a heads up that you need to kill targets to level up (or get currency if there is) yourself if you didn't level up enough during the first minutes of a match. But besides that, you better learn to let others kill your targets since it's a team-based game. And EVERY kill counts!

    LoL, Smith, Paragon, DOTA2, Heroes of the Storm, and more! MUCH. MUCH! MORE!

    Anyway, have fun~
    Wow, that post is all over the place, but I get the gist.
    I've played quite a few team based games, mostly World of Tanks and War Thunder, Maplestory is my only "free for all" game (I realize it's not really free for all, but it's teamless multiplayer so...). Some of the nuances will be new to me, but I've definitely seen someone post similar commandments before.

    Now another question on the topic. I'm a polite guy, I don't infringe on Mapler's purposefully unless there's something compelling me to and I won't inhibit them in a big way. I have no intention of kill-stealing any mobs, elite or otherwise, and still don't think it was strictly a KS on my part. If he had beat it down I would have left it alone. My post is really just to question whether his alleged reporting of me should have me worried. (He also said he's have his guild report me en masse, is that worrying?)

    Thanks for the reply, regardless.