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February 17, 1994
  • Third V skill on recently advanced characters?

    "It has been changed to give out all of the job-exclusive Skill Nodes, including these new 5th Job Skill Nodes, when advancing to the 5th Job."

    It states right in the newest patch notes, under the entire list of skills, that you are supposed to unlock these for free once advancing. My husband just did his 5th job, and only got the first two as well. So clearly there is something wrong here. I'm not sure if there is a severe amount of communication error here, or just an overall bug.

    Perhaps this is intended for characters created AFTER this patch? Perhaps it is bugged outright?

    I do know that having the quest accepted prior to this patch isn't a cause, as my husband was not even 200 before this patch.

    Hopefully they will look into this matter if attention is brought to it, as I assume it is very frustrating.
  • Nexon man....

    One of the problems currently going as well, is sheer lack of support from our community. While you are fully allowed to make complaints, it's easier to get positive results, with positive attitudes. While I agree with a large portion of your post, I do think it's unfair to call the game "crap" and a waste of time and effort. I'd like to encourage you to join my effort of positively reinforcing the games issue with nothing but support for the company. As you said, it's not too late to change.

    This is a link to my open letter to Nexon. I highly recommend you read it, and comment your own personal weigh-ins, as we are a community, and everybody's voice is to be heard. But again, please try to keep all post's civil. :)!


    Edit:added link (derp)
  • An open letter to Nexon

    To whom it may concern,

    Hello, My name is Andy and I've been playing Maplestory since it's early years. I was there for the very first Maple Anniversary, and I've been playing on/off every since. This game is a wonderfully addictive way to spend time with friends and every time I come back I find myself more and more drawn in with all the new features an updates. Between nostalgia and just pure excitement and fun times, I will forever hold this game close to my heart.

    That being said, in light of recent events, thing's are changing for the worse. I think I speak for many a Mapler when I say that we, as a whole community, are extremely disheartened and upset at the recent behaviors and outcomes of these past few weeks. We have had unstable servers, game breaking lag, countless glitches, day long maintenance's, multiple unscheduled maintenance, hacking, and much more. We have posted out strife on the forums, reached out and encouraged others to do the same. We have tried to come together as a true community to try and work together with you(Nexon) and alleviate these issues. Sadly, our efforts are for naught. After all of these maintenance, the number of glitches and bugs seem to stay the same, hacker's are still going seemingly unpunished, bosses are continuously breaking. The only thing we've seemed to accomplish is an end to this miserable lag. But was it because of community backlash, or simply just an excuse to get us to keep playing, regardless of ALL inconveniences, and keep filling your wallets.

    On-top of all this, you have now placed the final straw of these event's on our back, and we are outraged at the sheer lack of empathy with your player base. The addition of adding a 10(Ten) coin limit to the Santa box's, has been a huge slap in the face to us. Through all of this turmoil, our only saving grace with these event's was being able to endlessly farm in peace, and receive the items we wanted. That's all gone to waste. The most sought after prize of this event, the 1200(One Thousand two hundred) V coin ring, is now unobtainable without sheer luck of glitching out the seemingly spaghetti code of these boxes. It goes without saying that this is extremely disheartening to a vast majority of players.

    This is the Holiday season, where EVERY SINGLE PERSON should be filled with joy, love, and care. Filled with the spirit of giving and spreading happiness among everyone they meet. We should be excited to log in, and play. We should be excited to be able to get cool and unique items from these events. We shouldn't have to complain and be upset that we have to give up these events because of limits and restrictions. We as a community should ENJOY PLAYING THIS GAME.

    I hope reading this sparks a passion within not just Nexon, but within our Maplers as well. We need to come together, as ONE community and make this game, the greatest it can be. And I know that we can achieve these goals TOGETHER.

    I thank you all for your time, and I wish you the happiest of holidays.


    (I'm attaching a pole this post. Voting yes show's you agree and "sign" this letter with your Mapler stamp of approval. Let's all show Nexon our dedication and love for this game!)
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  • santa boxes and V coins

    I think the biggest issue here, is that the players of Reboot take the biggest blow from this. A lot of Reboot players didn't/couldn't take advantage of capless coins, for many reasons. As it stands, farming with low funds on Reboot can be difficult without the right character or knowledge of where to farm most efficiently, and quite frankly, have now been utterly screwed over.

    1200 coins for the ring. One thousand and two hundred V coins. At 40 coins a day, WHICH only last's until the 15th, at which it'll be 10 coins a day. TEN! If we couldn't take part of farming endless hours to get the ring yesterday(the 7th of december) we're now, totally boned. The main servers get their ring for 10, and can upgrade for 60 coins each time. So at least they can get the ring and actually have SOME sort of stats on it. People in Reboot, who haven't gotten the ring by (lets be real) blatantly abusing what I would assume to be an oversight, are now 110% S.O.L (Unless of course you do this so called glitch.)

    It's literally CHRISTMAS TIME the season of Joy, Peace, Happiness, and Giving. And so far we've had Lag, Dc's, Boss's breaking, and our butt's thoroughly lubed for the giant middle finger Nexon inserted when limiting Santa box's to 10 coins a day. TIS THE SEASON~
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