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  • [RETRO WORLD EVENT QUESTION] Or Im just dumb maybe

    Hey, the name's LeWaffles. i had a question regarding the event. I'm planning on making a guide for this event like i did for the Utah's Cluck Cluck Bean Farm Event. I usually read the patch notes and do the event on multiple characters / accounts in order to understand the event minigames on a more mechanical level. But I had a question about this event that i was hoping someone could shed some light on. Here's the scenario. From the 6th to the 12th we have access to the "Promote the game!" I was doing some analysis on the fastest way to cap coins and calculated that you can do 2 runs of the Magician's Dodge Training and 3 runs of the Mercenary's Jump Training in order to accumulate about 95 coins if you run it pretty well. After that you can collect the Promo Coupons to gather the rest of your coins. This seems to work out pretty well, however I've been reading more of the patch notes and it says that we get a new type of "quest" in replacement of "Promote the Game," which is to Eliminate Bug Monsters. But I can see that you only get 30 coins by doing this one. So basically if I'm seeing it correctly, we get about 95 from Dodge / Jump Training, and we get 30 from doing the "Eliminate Bug Monsters" quest. This only totals to approximately 125 coins, which begs the question as to how to get the last 75 coins. Obviously by the time the Demon King's Tower becomes accessible to players, it will be another way to get coins so i'd assume this is where we get the last 75 coins. However lets say that a returning player comes back and wants to participate in this event. Assuming that said player comes back around the 13th of March, How does he / she cap coins? They wont have access to the Demon King's Tower due to having to complete the training segment of the Jump / Dodge training.
  • Utah's Cluck Cluck Bean Farm Event Guide

    Hey guys, today were going to be talking about the event that has got alot of players going
    crazy on multiple characters a day. This is the Utah's Farm Event. This event among one of the first few events that take place
    after the Black update and oh man did it come in swinging. Not only do we have a very nice amount of things in the coin shop,
    some of these minigames are downright fun! Well....most of the them anyways. Taking a look at the shop we can see that there are
    quite a few things that have got alot of player's attention, like the Typhoon Growth potion, and while getting an enormous
    amount of coins in any event can somewhat be stressful, this is not like the Black Mage event where capping determination would
    take hours upon hours if you did not have the right set up. Just like most coin shops this one also comes with a plethora of
    items that can be bought on each of your characters, and while some of the more valuable items are world locked. There are also a
    couple that are not, like the Item packages, very nice.

    So if you haven't read the patch notes yet, You can get up to 15000 Utah points everyday, which translates to 150 coins, but one
    of your characters can also participate in the Gustav's Cattle Ranch minigame, which can net you up to 100 coins. We`ll need to
    know how many points we have accumulated for the Farm diary, and for those of you who are looking for another temporary
    replacement for the Alliance title, this is something your going to want to look into. The new title on the block
    is called "Cluck, Cluck, Bean Farm Life." In my opinion this title is going to be slightly worse then the Paragon variation
    which is what I have due to the loss in the critical damage, however one thing that this title has that the paragon of the alliance
    doesn't is Arcane force, so for anyone needing that extra damage in the arcane river this is a pretty nice upgrade. Another thing
    I'd like to bring up is that this title doesnt seem to be tradable within account like the Alliance one can.

    So with this being a new event, it's very apparent that people are trying to figure out the way to cap coins the fastest, and
    thankfully, Nexon made it very easy for us to figure it out.

    Fruitful Bounty is going to be the fastest way to cap coins period.
    You can get this event by going to your star tab and accepting the quest "Fruitful Bounty." You'll be given a Fruit Basket when
    you get the quest. take it and just plop it down on a map of your choice. Your job now is to hunt monsters that will drop fruits.
    And longstory short you need to grab the fruits that are requested at the top of the screen and bring them to the basket.
    Deliver the fruits 10 times successfully and the basket will disappear. The cooldown for the Fruit basket is 5 minutes but the
    nice thing is that it starts ticking the second you use it, which means if you take 5 minutes or more to clear the 10 deliveries,
    you can go again right away. Each time you do this you'll get roughly 25 coins, which means you'll need to do this about 6 times
    to cap coins. So if you have kishin or frenzy, you'll be finished within the 30 minute mark. If you unfortunately don't have
    these spawn enhancers its still one of the faster ways to cap your coins.

    I mentioned before that one of your characters can participate in Gustav's cattle ranch, and while it has nothing to do with
    capping coins, they will give you more coins upon completion regardless of if you capped already or not. Based on what level you
    are you will be chucked into a map and will need to eliminate wolves that are threatening the dairy cows. The amount that you
    need to kill and the amount of coins you will earn are calculated based on your level. At low levels of 61 you will only earn
    10 coins, however in higher levels like at 225, you can get up to 100 coins which is pretty nice. Taking this into consideration,
    were going to be looking at atleast 250 coins per day on your main character and 150 on any other characters. However don't forget
    that some of the Sunny sunday's that all the upcoming sunny sunday's are said to give us double the amount of coins and limit we
    can get. This includes the Cattle ranch, which means on Sundays we'll be able to get up to 500 coins on our mains.

    So you if you were paying attention to the beginning , i said that alot of players are doing this event on multiple
    characters everyday and theres a good reason to, and for those of you working on your road to 8k legion you might also want to
    get in on this. Amber Waves is another way for you to cap coins, but this one also comes in handy for leveling characters as well.
    The base exp from the mobs in here are absurdly good, they scale with your level. Can be amplified with 2x use and cash coupons.
    It's also been reported at kishin shoukan and frenzy totem can be used here. The exp gained here is even better than starforce maps
    of the same level, and you also get a unique exp boost when training here. There are also some events that pop up like protecting
    the crops from birds or lightning strikes which will reward you with Utah coins. This part of the event is the main reason as to
    why people are getting on those mules and getting them up levels. Just 2 days of doing this for example and my mechanic made it to
    level 159s with ease.

    You want a minigames? Here have minigames. This event has 2 of them, and i'll be honest nothing that these 2 things do is going
    to make it any better then fruitful bounty so were just going to pretend that it doesnt exist for now. If you head over to mister
    bean over here, you'll be able to play Reversi. You'll be given an amount of coins based on winning or losing. The other minigame
    that you can play is over at the Comborghini, sick name by the way, Anyways, welcome to extreme combine the game that is actually
    pretty fun in my opinion, but thats because i get to put anime music and speed this up so it looks entertaining. Long story short,
    you get coins based on how well you do. But like i said before. The amount of coins you get from these things is definitely no
    where near the efficiency of fruitful bounty, but these 2 definitely have more of that minigame feel to it.

    The last way to get coins is the afk spot over on the right, but you actually need to purchase a chair in order to access the
    area. There are 3 different chairs you can purchase each one being a different amount of coins gained from sitting there for
    long periods of time.

    With this event being out for the month, i would definitely take advantage of this event on not only your main, but also other
    characters. The shop has a vast amount of items to support pretty much any player in the game no matter how far you are in the game
    and it definitely helps that majority of the items are purchasable on each of your characters.
    Keep in mind that every sunday there's double limits on how many coins you can get and on the very first sunny sunday in
    march, there's also going to be a 30% off for the shop, so I would definitely start saving your coins up.