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  • I can agree to this, while there wasn't something to aim for other than maybe a personal achievement before, there IS content and future content that is possibly going to be only available for 260s onward as we have no clue what Gerrand Darmoor has …
  • The fact that the genesis weapon also follows this trend of dagger shapes also concerns me, because in all honesty it does not look pleasing compared to all the other weapons. When I first got my Arcane umbra dagger, it was a big achievement for me,…
  • This problem is not just limited to Kaisers either. Night walker seems to have a similar issue to this Details: 1. Shadow bats(toggle), Shadow Spear(V), Shadow Servant(V), and Shadow Illusion(140) are active at the same time. 2. Map is under th…
  • I mean all the advice given to you is do-able at your phase of the game. I've been there, i believe that we all have been in your shoes where we have been learning to play the game. The difference between you and the rest of the players is that whil…
  • I'm no MMORPG expert, but I have been playing maplestory for almost 10 years now, and im confident when I say this about all MMORPGS. It is expected that your grinding a lot. Just because a level requirement is met for you to have access to the cont…
  • Rexaar wrote: » Been attempting to find any mention of the smokescreen bug on the KMS forum but was unable to find anything (either they don't have the bug or they hadn't discover the bug) According to a friend of mine in the MYBCKN Alliance,…
  • Rexaar wrote: » Can you retry with as little %damage and %damage vs boss as possible? Perhaps it increase %damage by 20% for critical hits only (subjected to diminishing return when you have high amount of %damage and %damage vs bosses) and doesn…
  • Just face it, It's straight up impossible. I've pulled an all nighter studying all the patterns for the temple of time and im still only making it to 45 seconds. Honestly i was wanting to try for that pink bean chair cuz it would be awesome. I unde…