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  • override coin shop cannot be accessed by me

    Character name: All active characters- first experienced this issue on 'Hayakke'
    Character level: 111
    Character job: Hayato
    World name: Chaos

    I also have been previously able to access the shop for the entirety of the event up until just yesterday afternoon. The date of the incident(s) were yesterday, August 22nd, and today, August 23rd. No matter what character I attempt to access the shop on, I am still unable to use it. I'm very worried that this will prevent me from participating in the event, as it closes on the 29th!

    Thank you for posting this thread as well, I was beginning to worry that it was an isolated issue!
  • [EVENT] Burning character "Request Failed"

    I'm having this very same issue.

    No specific characters involved, and it happens on multiple servers. The OP posted the exact steps to follow to recreate the bug.
  • Delete Burning character and can't reburn a new 1!

    If you guys are veterans, than you know how poor of a service Nexon has. This problem wont be fixed but i'll keep trying. It doesn't effect the masses so they dont care if a few people quit playing maplestory because they've been screwed over...
    Not a single Moderator has even commented on these threads... not even acknowledged the problem..
    It has been forwarded already. Just because someone hasn't replied specifically to you doesn't mean it has gone unnoticed.

    It would help significantly if people would do the following:
    1. Search for existing threads before posting
    2. Post in an existing thread (if there is one)
    3. Followed the listed bug reporting format available here; this helps with documentation, testing, and figuring out what might be the cause
    Unfortunately its not merely a 'respond to me!' issue- its a problem with a lack of acknowledgement from moderators, etc. Multiple threads are being made because its a big problem, yet even with your response there is still a lack of closure on multiple fronts. I understand you and others have limited leeway when it comes to bugs and how they are being looked into, but responding to a bug as restrictive in nature as this (with little to no information on the bug itself) in order to repost the guidelines is redundant to say the least.
    I'd hope that I don't only speak for myself when I say that the answer I'm looking for is not "Its getting fixed on the 13th at 12pm PST!" (although specifics would be nice, I also understand that realistically you can't promise things you do not have/know) The answer I'm looking for is: A. Its being focused on actively, or B. There will not be a fix in time for the end of the event. Really not wanting to sound like the 'angry soccer mom who wants to speak with the manager' but consequential to a severe lack of information, that's probably how a lot of players are going to come across as long as there is such a large lack of communication on this bug.
    I appreciate your help and your work but you have to see where we're coming from.
  • [COMPLETE] Scheduled Maintenance - Dec 8th, 2016

    Completely disappointed that a fix for the Burning Character creation bug has still not been released. I am literally unable to make a burning character on my main world, thus missing the entirety of the event. #INeedAnAspirin
  • Burning Event Issues

    The game is also preventing me from creating any new burning characters on my current server. I had created a burning character initially, but quickly realized I had chosen the incorrect class, so to rectify the problem I deleted the character and attempted to create a new burning character on the very same server but received the error stating 'Request Failed.' This is something that should be possible as per the ingame dialogue that appears when creating a new character, and it is currently preventing me from enjoying the event on the server I play on.