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  • NGS Update error

    I ended up clicking the little Gear icon that is right next to the terms of use on the maple story game page in the launcher and clicked repair. I haven't had the NGS error since.

    +1 i think this might of fixed it for me time will tell it downloaded something after running it so who knows

    already tried that for me it didnt work :S
  • Scheduled Minor Patch - November 10, 2016

    i think it was channel 9
  • Scheduled Minor Patch - November 10, 2016

    Can we get a reason why the NA servers are now using a server time that horribly inconveniences us? Rather then the option to keep the servers PST centered so that everyone can have a simple schedule?
    actully i find the new time easier than pst times :D
  • Favorite classes to play.

    paladin : love their high def and the fact they can tank almost everything <3
    mercedes : they might not be strong but i love their skillls and their combo system (even though my keyboard might hate them for their many skills xd)
    ´demonslayer : remind me a bit on paladin, also they have wings there is no need for more xD
    kanna : they might not be the strongest , they might have the slowest teleport from all mages, but i love haku :D
    (even if i dissagree with the hairstyle chioces they made after a few revamp...)
    and last but not least
    wild hunter : but i speak about the old version when they got released.
    i loved it to have a mount right from the start you also were able/must have it activ 24/7 but i didnt mind that. beside jaguar they also had other animals
    in their disposel like eagle and headhog. and they even were able to kill mobs by simply walking by with their mine skills xD
    or how everyone wanted to catch jaira on their wh, but almost nobody had it some were even so evil to kill all other jairas after they got their own.... just so that it stay rare for them...... ahhhh goood old times xD