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  • Known Instability Issues - 12/24

    It's painful to play maplestory these days. During my only holiday break, I'd like nexon to consider
    that some people really want to enjoy themselves without being crashed, kicked, lagged to death,
    you owe some longtime customers an explanation for why we have to endure these interruptions in our service.
    It is clear now that it isn't my own internet connection that's affecting these disconnects but something else entirely.
    To the production team, get your stuff together, you can do great things with this game and its community, I believe in you.

  • A message about KThxBaiNao

    When in search for a new CM;
    its like im an old man and ive lived through 3 elected popes already
  • [CONTEST] Emergency MS Paint Contest

    rip V patch, time for sleep.


    my best skills
  • Introductions!

    This is the third time I have experienced these forums change, but nonetheless it is time for another introduction!

    About me:
    My name is Biff, I am the Pizzaman in-game, I play on the MYBCKN server group. I lead the Rosemary guild in the Nocturnus alliance.

    I am a Canadian Mapler who has enjoyed this game since my childhood, i've been maining a bishop class for slightly over 9 years
    I have been following the developments of this game to such an extent it became an obsession until recently. I have stopped
    playing as a full time active player and now enjoy the game in its true essence; I use this game to relax from my daily life as a student,
    I am studying to become a specialized chemistry major which has an ever-demanding workload and as such I enjoy just coming on
    once and a while. While I don't stream (maybe one day), I sometimes post videos to youtube but very rarely, since im a total noob with video editing.

    If you ask me how people choose to play this game, there are many ways and the F2P balance has been poorly balanced in my opinion
    with the P2W items and content that are available through both limited and non limited time events. Although nexon keeps improving these things, I look forward to the day we don't have to worry about having to spend nx on things like bonus potential cubes which have to be bought or gifted with nx and are unavailable in-game in any form other than through the cash shop. Come on make an event for bonus cubes, I don't care if you sell them for 10,000,000 event coins but please consider this for non-reboot worlds.

    My goals:
    -to help give feedback on the ever-ailing bishop class
    -to be around for more crossover events, (crosses fingers for the hatsune miku one from jms)
    -to see more people in the non-reboot server alliances (please fix)
    -to get a perm pend slot without breaking the bank (nexon pls, im student)

    Anyways this was my introduction(once again)
    Nice to meet you all, see you around if you're in MYBCKN

    Let me play around with the HTML, not used to this yet..

    pls, ladies msg me, im free and available and so hansome >:P Join our guild!
  • Welcome to the new forums!

    congratulations on the new forums! Looking around you've fixed many things, I wonder what the mobile view is like :)