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  • Of Absolab and TakeOver Events

    Somewhat of a load off my mind, as this punk ass pendant is NOT worth pursuing with the daily box grind. Rather good thing, too, because likely I won't be able to log in very much over the next 2 weeks. If the Absolab weapon was a prize, though, I'd make sure to get my Maple on for it every single day I could and be more apt to spend some hard earned cash on NX to support a game that knows how to throw its dog a bone every now and again. Too bad for you, Nexon, too bad. Who knows what you are thinking by doing this, but it looks to me like you're really out of touch with the community on this one.
  • Replace the TakeOver Tier 4 Box Reward

    ...with something actually useful and end-game level, like the Absolab weapon or similar. There is already much talk going on about it and I've seen that it is popular opinion that this Dominator Pendant is not worth the effort of going through the daily rigmarole of box collecting for so many weeks.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Dear Nexon,
    People are begging to fork over cash money, basically hand over fist to you, for new and exciting cosmetic possibilities.
    Step 1: Stop snubbing us and get with the program.
    Step 2: Shut up and take our money!
    P.S.- For the love of the gods, do NOT make them just random rolls!
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    @LittleTLK - I'm taking a trip to hell tonight to personally begin construction on a special room for you there.


    Really needs to be stopped with the nerfing of all events recently, how many have thre been? Like 4 events all been nerfed so bad? I hope this one NX leaves it reasonable level of adjustment and we can still enjoy some leveling up and making friends!?
  • Play V Rewards

    People with their lack of planning ahead to work in their rewards in time, hey guess what, that's your own fault.. and if you will whine about not being able to finish your day of boxes because of maintenance times not suiting your own personal little schedule, that's your own problem, too, not nexon's. Not every one out there can have the time to complete these things. Haves and have nots...

    Regarding the maintenance, I'm a lot more concerned if are they going to fix the bug where we aren't getting credit for our pollo and fritto participation! Hoping they fix it!