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  • Regarding The Twitch Stream...

    They completely misunderstood why people were upset. We aren't mad because there is a limit, we are made because the limit is 10. It makes no sense that you can currently get 40 coins a day when vengeful stones are 60 coins AND the daily limit is 3 a day so they expect us to be able to spend 180 coins a day. Do they honestly don't see a problem with that?

    They said more v coin events are coming then that would make this whole week pointless for trying to get v coins.
  • Volatile, Vulgar, Crass.

    Nexon and Players is not like a teacher-student relationship. If anything it can be compared to a restaurant environment. If the Chef (nexon) makes good food then the costumers (players) are happy and will keep coming back. If the Chef takes a in your food and gives it to you what do you think would happen? Does that chef deserve respect just because they made a product?
    And the "they have earned your respect simply by rank/title" is nonsensical. This is a company, they don't out rank their consumers. Producer-consumer relations is an equal partnership.

    I agree that directing anger towards forum moderators and GMs is irrational. And of course there are going to be issues. And I am more than willing to put up these hiccups, but my frustration comes from the fact that they make very poor decisions. Half the time it seems like they don't even test the changes they make. And its not like many of these issues are new. If no one knows how to fix a problem then hire someone with more experience who does.

    I like this game but if nexon keeps failing then they should be called out on it. I agree that some people might take it too far.

    If you are hellbent on sticking to your teacher-student analogy try switching the roles. If the student (nexon) is doing wrong then the teachers (players) will respond differently. Some teacher may not care that the student is failing, and some will get upset that the student is wasting their potential.

  • Solid Proof Forumers Don't Play MapleStory Anymore

    Season 1 V coin shop ends the 15th
    I want to get a maxed vengeful ring from the season 1 v coin shop
    I can't get a maxed vengeful ring with 40 coins a day. (10 from Santa box and 30 from hi-five box)

    Maybe you should gain some basic understanding of the situation before making bold claims, because you seem to be the one who doesn't play anymore.
    MaryseThe Blue Corsair