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  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Can we have transparent equips please?
  • Re:Zero Cash Update - New Suggestions

    I'm a purely cosmetics chaser in this crossover event, so I'm supporting the idea for Surprise Style Boxes and Hair Coupons. They showed and quoted the usability of the hair coupons on stream - players shouldn't be lied to like that.

    What's even more disappointing is that the main site said that there would be "Re:Zero Hair Coupons" as well...
  • Re:Zero Thoughts & suggestions on the "cash grab"

    DannyRose wrote: »
    Quilava wrote: »
    It surprises me why people are not complaining about the rng aspect of this event. When the event was going on in JMS, the nx boxes only had Re:Zero theme items and the hairstyles could be directly purchased with nx. In the live stream of the event, you even see Arwoo use a hairstyle coupon for one of the crossover hairstyles. I was going to spend money on this event, but now I think it is better to just spend my money elsewhere.
    I saw that coupon on stream so I thought that's the way it'd be too. I didn't know about the JMS deals, that just makes me feel like GMS officials went out of their way to make this event more of a cash grab instead of doing their regular copy paste. I'd like some clarity on this.

    I was so hyped for this event too, especially since the main site also said that there would be "Re:Zero hair coupons", not just regular royal coupons that gave you a chance of obtaining these styles.
    I wouldn't even mind buying royal hair coupons if all the hairs were from the crossover. But if they're gonna add regular royal hairs in the mix, I'd rather not waste my money.