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  • Illium 2nd Job advancement quest Crashes

    Hiya, this issue should be fixed as of March 22, 2018 Maintenance.
    -An issue where players did not receive the 2nd job on their Illium character has been fixed. We have reset the quest and moved your character so that players affected can get the Illium 2nd job.

    Feel free to let us know if you are still experiencing this issue. Thank you. :)
  • Kaiser's Bladefall bug !!!

    Hiya, I have forwarded this issue. Thank you for your report. :)
  • Mob level difference and Node drop rate

    No, nodes, symbols, and droplets do not get penalized by the level difference.
  • Is it possible?

    132 spaces need to be filled total to get BD%, Crit Damage%, IED% maxed. Seeing as you used 12 for archer straight pieces and each outer is 40 for 120 total of the 3 outers. You will need 8k legion in order to fill them all as you will have 36 members.

    For math purposes: You need to get a bunch of characters to 200 in order to fill 132 spaces at 8k.
    All S: 36 x3 = 108
    All SS: 36 x4 = 144
    If you want a perfect 132 with lowest amount of members, you need 33 level 200s (33x 4 = 132) to fill all 3 outers and then other 3 attackers can be placed somewhere else.
    This is assuming you have 0 level 250s.

    31 members at 7.5k is not enough even if you got all your chars to 200. 31 x4 = 124, leaving you 8 short, unless you decide to level 8 mules to 250 for 5 block pieces.

    30 members at level 200 (30x4) = 120 filled (not enough as you start in middle and need to use some spaces to get to outer grids.
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): Hair
    Item name (English/Korean): Rhea Hair Mod
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link):http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/23094/cash-shop-update-for-june-7
    Image of item: 67fhzvaxc1.jpg
    Rhea Hair Mod is the second one to the left, love to see that return as part of Wondroid Event.

    Item type (Hair/Face/NX Item/Pet): Face
    Item name (English/Korean): Rhea Ocular Mod
    Website link (where the item was seen, including previous cash shop rotation link): http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/23094/cash-shop-update-for-june-7
    Image of item:67ffzcxa8.jpg
    Rhea Ocular Mod is the second one to left, love to see that return as part of Wondroid Event.