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Hello. I'm not really new here, I usually just browse around or it takes me months to come back. But hopefully I get some nice tips on my class and level. :D


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December 26, 1994
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My name's Sally. I love cross-stitching. I love browsing the forums. I'm a gamer.
  • drew my character ! + friend's

    Oh My God! These look like it came out of an anime or something. For a weeb like myself, this is absolutely gorgeous. ^O^ Keep up the good work!
  • (^ᴥ^) Sleepy Guild and Community ✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾

    The link is invalid for your discord. But what server is your guild for?
  • [Reboot] Doll Guild

    Hello everyone or whoever reads this. I'm a guild master for Doll. It was just made yesterday because I was lonely and most of the guild requirements were super high, which I doubt I can ever reach.

    Doll was inspired to me from a Webtoon called Doll (Maen). It's a project that a group I'm in works on. It's not like barbies or anything, but more of puppets style. It's a cute story and the odd thing is that the dolls look nothing like puppets or even dolls itself. So that's where the inspiration comes from.

    - Any level
    - Active and Fun
    - Friendly and Silly

    Who to Contact
    My IGN is ShadyYuri (guild Master) but I may be on my other character ShiroChiro. I'm on at odd times even though I am from NA.

    Last but not least, make sure to leave your IGN so I can know it's you. c: OH, like I said, it's new and I'm the only one in it && I also accept unions♥
  • Good place to train?

    My brother and I use this guide to help us - AyumiLove - Training Guide v7 or you can use this one Nexon - Training Guide
  • [Reboot] LF Friends

    My main was iiEatCrayOns, so if you already have me added on there... Then you don't have to worry about adding me on my new active character. Since it's spread throughout... yeah. Anyways, I'm looking for fresh new friends. It'll take me a while to be more open... I'm usually ... oddly... more open on the forums than in the game. My IGN is: ShiroChiro
    The name was inspired from an anime Deadman Wonderland for Shiro and as for Chiro, it was a cutesy way of say Cheerios cereal box.

    Since my PC is being built atm, I'm usually on at least 2 hours a day, depending on if I have to do anything else besides that. I like to keep myself preoccupied.