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  • kitty planet posh hat

    Bug type: Cash item, Cosmetic
    Brief Bug Summary: The Cash Item 'Kitty Planet Posh Hat' no longer has a bubble effect around the character after v199.1 update.
    Steps to Reproduce: Equip Kitty Planet Posh Hat.
    Time: After v199.1 update
    Notes: More discussion here
  • Recent Removal of Duplicated Items

    Why should legitimate players take responsibility for duped items? Many purchase the items legitimately and may unknowingly resell it at a later time not knowing it was duped. Also its impossible to check for any of these things if its purchased from auction house, which is where the market is moving towards (everything is anonymous).

    Sorry guys, the only ones that win here are the dupers.
  • Please Implement XignCode3 Anti Hack

    I think you are incorrectly correlating that XignCode3 reduces/prevents hackers, spammers, and bots because they're rarer/nonexistant in KMS.

    Some of the biggest reasons I think this is incorrect is because this kind of antihack has been broken before, and KMS has more limited account creation unlike GMS. KMS requires a state ID and or a phone number to register which greatly limits botting, whereas GMS only real security measure is a captcha and a generous limitation on the number of accounts you can make.

    Basically in GMS if you're up to no good and get banned, you don't have to worry because you can just make a new account later. The same can't be said about KMS.

  • Did anyone else get "NGS hack detected" banned

    A problem I have with the whole macro issue is that these automatic permaban system appears to just scan your system for a 'unauthorized third party program' (as put by the EULA) and perma-ban you on the spot upon detection - without actually checking if any abuse occurred in the game (remember when GM's used to go around checking if ppl were abusing macroing?). People do in fact use macros for non-maple programs, yet they must go through the appeal process and get a ban on their record if they accidentally happen to have it open while running the game?

    Macroing in Maple has always been against the rules and its clearly stated in the Code of Conduct. There's no disputing this; everyone knows it. However macro programs are not maplestory hack programs. Detection of someone running a macro program is not a smoking gun like detecting a maplestory hack program. Macros are also often bundled with many gaming peripherals, so many people may possess and run macro programs without even being aware of them.