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  • Mother of all compensations

    Can our compensation be Nexon selling the game to a more competent company?

    Really though, after 2+ weeks of constant unscheduled maintenance, bugs and glitches out the wazoo, and the amount of discontent generated in the community, I'm not sure what would even make that acceptable.

    I vote for 2 weeks of straight 3x Exp and Drop, and a new Burning Event. One that lets you choose a new character to be Burning once your current one hits 150. Let everyone get their Legion and Link skills up.
  • Can we stop the 2x events?

    They should just issue items that give you 2x Exp and stack with other buffs instead of making the entire server 2x Exp. Let people train and grind when they want to instead of forcing everyone on at once, adding even more lag to the already almost unplayable lag and server stress.
  • Game Constantly Crashing, Both On Login And Ingame

    Okay, this is utterly ridiculous- if you take the game down for maintenance SPECIFICALLY to stabilize the game, why is it now WORSE than before? You stated that "making sure the game is stable and playable is our top priority", but I can't even play now- the game stops working and crashes whenever I try to get in regardless of which Launcher/Settings/Etc I use, and on the few times I manage to actually get into the game, it lags to the point of utter ridiculousness, and/or DCs me, making me have to repeat the process. I am not the only one with these issue- a LOT of people are experiencing this.

    This is just plain infuriating- it's 2017, not 2007, an MMO shouldn't be able to survive this level of incompetence.

    Your game is messed up. You know it, the community knows it, everyone knows it. Just freaking acknowledge the problems and actually work towards fixing them for once.
  • Crashing And Massive Lag Since Update?

    Never mind, 2-Hour downtime specifically to fix lag, didn't fix the lag.......*sigh*.