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    April 20
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  • NeoTokyoDude
    I don't believe we have met before but I figured that it could not hurt to ask. Even though I botched the thread about a Legacy server, (by acting before the rules could be confirmed) is there any way to appeal the decision and have the thread lock removed?

    My reasoning's:
    Most know the odds are low but stopping all discussion seems like overkill
    Where is the harm in talking about possibilities?
    The Legacy thread was the first that I had made in months and the only one this year.
    As you may have seen in the message, I only made it after checking the code of conduct.
    I'm not gonna lie, it did sadden me to find out that an older version was still in effect
    If I accept that we are not permitted to discuss possibilities then what is that saying? That I cannot even approach Nexon with an idea about a Nexon product? Given the great history between the veterans and the company that just seems really messed up to me. Myself and others are not looking for much, only the chance to at least try.
    April 3
  • xCurlyFriesx
    Hi, I also haven't been getting the excavation pouches, Ign is xJLegéndx , Reboot server, Thank you :D
    April 1
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