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  • Ahoy guys, we sent out additional suggestions today for future rotations. Please keep the requests coming! Thank you, Arwoooo~
  • I'm sure some of you have noticed already, but...
  • We'd like to inform everyone that the survey has concluded as of today. We greatly appreciate the time each Mapler has put into filling out our survey and will review the feedback collected. The Maple team looks forward to reading all of the res…
  • I believe there was some miscommunication that was stated in the past when it came to the Royals style rotations and how they were selected. There is no single individual that handles what styles are selected for each rotation. Instead, it's a mi…
  • As mentioned with the ring's sudden introduction, we had kept a close eye on the functionality of the ring. We can inform everyone that our QA is currently bugging all the issues mentioned in this thread. We'll be sure to give an update once we …
  • Ahoy once more, Maplers! We'll be closing the applications at the end of this month (April 30th) We're grateful to see many Maplers interested in joining the community team and cannot wait to bring aboard new members! After this section comes…
  • Greetings Clanta, As stated through various private messages, conclusive evidence was found from looking through each case extensively. Please note that the forums is not a platform to dispute case by case bans. As players have mentioned in t…
  • Greetings Maplers! Our Scheduled Nexon-wide Service Maintenance has concluded and we're live. We'll see ya'll in-game! Details of the completed maintenance: http://ow.ly/Tqzz30aZYVG
  • I'd like to inform everyone that we're aware that the attendance event had zero buffer days with the first day being extremely tight due to the maintenance plus the server reset time. Currently, we're discussing with our team on how we plan to pr…