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  • A reminder that today is the last day to enter in this contest! Take down them Dodos and provide us with the proof! However, I can't help but have a bad feeling about all this... hmm....
  • We've collected and sent the feedback from the community along with suggestions. We do see that much of our audience is currently experiencing a hard time getting through the Wondroid Jump Quest stages.
  • Currently we're aiming for next week, but we'll let you guys know once we have settled on an actual date and where it will be hosted. One wrote: » Would be hilarious if customer support chimes in with a copy/paste Also, when is the investigati…
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  • We're seeing a lot of people request Global Emoji, so for the meantime it will be a big maybe! klaty wrote: » do we get emojis
  • This thread has been pinned and will be updated regularly with fixes and reports.
  • krsk wrote: » After re:zero is still after May.. I mean the hope is gone. Nothing good comes from being pessimistic. When the original list of suggestions were sent out the plans for Re:ZERO were still being put together. As stated multiple…
  • We'll be absolutely sure to include everything that was discussed within this thread with our report back to the team. Bringing up concerns as such and discussing them is a start in this constant battle against hackers.
  • I've received reports from members of our community expressing their concern with hackers taking the top spots of the weekly Dojo rankings. The hackers are typically those with hacked skills or hyper stats, rarely are they your typical hackers who a…
  • If you guys suspect any individual in-game of hacked hyper stats, duped items, or hacked skills, please report them to our Customer Support team: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us We've been sweeping up those with hacked hyper stats o…
  • This suggestion would be a part of this suggestion made by AKradian: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/11880/clean-look#latest We hear you guys loud and clear and know that the effects can be very distracting when fighting enemies tha…
  • This is on our list of feedback we've delivered and working to resolve. We've see Maplers express their frustrations with "popping everything" then disconnected only to lose everything.
  • While the "Big Spender" event predates my time, would you guys please send a ticket and provide our Customer Support team with details? We'll be sure to follow up with the status of compensation regarding this event. Thank you, Arwoo~
  • Tuba wrote: » Or they will say that they will compensate players, but in the next patch update. But expected plot twist: they magically 'forget' to hand it out lolol. Has there been a case where we promised compensation, but didn't compensate? …
  • Our VFMs have delivered the negative sentiment that the community expressed over this coupon event. We'll try out best to ensure future events don't make this same mistake.
  • Hi Maplers, We're in the process of gathering information to deliver compensation to those affected by this issue. We'll be sure to inform everyone once we have an expected date for the compensation. Thank you, Arwoo~
  • Thank you guys for providing the additional details. Our QA team has bugged this issue.
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  • Hi Chaoscauser, We've forwarded this to our QA team and they're currently trying to replicate what you're experiencing. Could you provide additional information for steps you believe may reproduce the bug? They did try with Bear Mode on both …
  • We're currently working to address issues of content being inaccessible due to being time sensitive. We'll be sure to let Maplers know once we have the solution ready. Fennekin wrote: » At least they're sticking to a consistent time zone now lol…