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  • [Contest] Set the Stage for Cadena and Illium!

    Here's an example entry:


    As you can see, I did not photoshop this. I simply printed out a picture of Cadena and placed the cut out in a real life scene. Let me know if there are still any confusions and we will do our best to address them.
  • Crimsonwood Keep PQ

    July wrote: »
    Catooolooo wrote: »
    I predict they will bring it back in 2019 with no changes , bug fixes or improvements.

    I mean, hopefully that wouldn't be the case. Just looking at how long Omega Sector was gone for, but at least it was revamped.

    GMS followed KMS with omega sector, this why we got it.. sadly KMS doesn't have Masteria and Crimsonwood Keep pq, so its all up to Nexon NA..

    Returning Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest is a collaborative effort with our developer team. It's not as black and white in the sense that it all comes down to one side making the decision.

    Ultimately, we are communicating with our developers on what would require change to bring the content back.
    CWKPQ being re-released without any changes would make it:

    1. Ridiculously easy
    2. Unrewarding
    3. Unplayable

    Ridiculously easy unless all obstacles were changed to accommodate for the fact almost every class has a flash jump of some sorts and Blink may potentially be a thing. Additionally, all enemies would have to have their stats reworked to match the power creep from when the content was first released.

    Unrewarding because the Mark of Narician was a big reason as to why Maplers ran it in the past. Any new pendant equipment would immediately be compared to Gollux so the key reward would have to be reworked or perhaps removed (I'm not sure if Maplers would be happy to see a new BiS pendant and the introduction of more power creep)

    Unplayable ties directly to the content being unrewarding if the content were released without any sort of extensive rework by our developers. If the rewards aren't good and because the content itself requires the cooperation of 2 members of each job then there won't be any groups running it.

  • [Contest] Design a MapleStory Discord Background!

    Ah darn, I recently started to work on something but I doubt I'll finish it before the date... ah well.

    We're working on seeing if we can extend the date due to the busy timing of this contest.
    However, we also want to keep it fair at the same time to those who entered already within the specified time so it may not be by much.
  • [Update] World Leap Issues

    Precisly wrote: »
    Arwoo wrote: »
    Hi everyone! I do have an update in regards to those who experienced issues leaping in the recent World Leap event.

    It was communicated that we would be bringing back the world leap NPC after this maintenance.
    However, the NPC will only function for those who submitted a ticket during the specified time frame mentioned in the original post.

    We'll be creating a separate post with further clarifications, but this is for those who are diligently checking back on this thread.

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss!!!!! so we can move today?

    As soon as the maintenance is over:

    However, most Maplers should see this message when talking to the NPC:

    Again, this is only for the characters that were included in a ticket during the time period specified in the original post.
  • Let's Talk... Recent Events with Kanna

    Recently, there have been many discussions of whether or not it's safe to play as Kanna, due to the number of Kanna related ban appeals that have been appearing. On the surface, this sounds like an easy enough question to answer, but in reality, there's a lot going on behinds the scenes.

    Let's first get the facts out of the way. The community knows that certain classes are most popular with hackers and we know this as well. It should also be to no surprise that Kannas were the main focus in our recent attempt to combat the issue of hackers in MapleStory. Over 1,000+ illegitimate Kannas were banned as a result of this recent action, but it's also a fact that in the past, our banning procedure has made some errors as stated by our CS & Investigations team here. Due to this, we're just as careful and wary about this whole ordeal alongside the community, and we're doing all we can to make sure there are zero errors.

    Going back to the original statement: "On the surface, this sounds like an easy enough question to answer, but in reality, there's a lot going on behinds the scenes." There's a reason why much of the information regarding the banning and appealing procedure must be behind closed curtains. It's the same issue that we're dealing with currently with hackers submitting ban appeals pretending to be legitimate. It should also be to no surprise that illegitimate users take advantage of community platforms. As candid as we'd like to be with the community, the release of sensitive information would ultimately harm the integrity of the game if fallen into the wrong hands.

    At this point in time, we will continue to do our best to investigate Kannas who were banned and submitted an appeal. While this may not address the immediate concerns with playing Kanna, we do hope that this provides the community with further understanding.