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  • Override TakeOver Rewards Event Missing?

    We're currently looking into this. Once we have more information, we'll get back to ya'll.
  • Q&A Ft. MapleStory's Investigation and CS Team

    As promised to the community and mentioned in this thread’s title, we will be taking questions from you guys for our Investigations and Customer Support Teams.

    It’s clear to us that the community has many questions and concerns when it comes to catching and dealing with those who fail to play by the rules. While our teams will try their best to answer as many of the questions that we will be compiling from this thread as they can, we cannot guarantee a response to each and every one. For those that we cannot answer, we will try our best to explain why.

    We ask those of you who participate in this Q&A to be respectful and to avoid asking questions about individual cases.
    Again, please do not use this thread for questions pertaining to individual accounts, reports, bans, or appeals.

    We will be leaving this thread open for questions until 7/28, after which we will be compiling the questions and forwarding them over to our Investigations and Customer Support Teams for their responses.

    Thanks everyone!
  • Override Community Concerns & Reported Issues

    Greetings Maplers,

    With our most recent Override patch, Maplers have noticed a variety of issues that we're currently investigating.
    Please review this post for some of the issues you may come across in-game we're working to resolve.

    Maplers have reported the appearance of Flames in-game and that they can be acquired.
    The addition of Flames is not intentional and we're currently still working to address the issue. At this time, please be cautious and do not use any acquired flames on your equipment.

    Maplers have reported the disappearance of their Override Evolution Pack and the Journey to Override Pack after claiming it and being disconnected. We are looking into this issue and we ask Maplers affected by this to remain patient for the time being.

    Maplers have reported the skill macro failing to function properly.
    We've identified these skills to be the cause of the issue:

    Iron Will, Hyper Body, Sharp Eyes, Haste, Maple Warrior, Meditation, Advanced Blessing, Call of Cygnus, Holy Symbol, Combo Barrier, Monkey Magic, Mega Monkey Magic, Bless, Rage.

    Please avoid using the skills listed above with the macro and do not hesitate to send us a report if you come across additional skills causing the issue. If you come across any additional issues in general, please report them on the forums or submit a ticket to our Support Team.

    Link to support: https://support-maplestory.nexon.net/hc/en-us
    Bug Report section: http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/categories/bug-reporting

    Thank you,

    -Maple Team
  • Umm Zero on reboot charater create.

    We've received confirmation that Zero characters will be removed from Reboot. Zero's availability on Reboot was unintentional.
  • [Livestream] OVERRIDE! Skills & Legion 6/16/2017

    thrakkes wrote: »
    What about Kanna and Beast Tamer? :O

    They actually showcased them during live-stream.


    One minor issue was the last giveaway where people couldn't type the keyword Angelic Buster due to r9k mode being on.

    Also, I would really like the background for download that was used during the live-stream.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention! We'll be more mindful of the character length for future key words.
    As for the background, I will discuss to see if we can have it posted for Maplers to use.

    (I will have it posted in this thread if we get the thumbs up)