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  • A list of complaints about the code of conduct

    Look through his post history on the old forums. The first two solid pages of threads will be a mix of old maple threads and "I don't like certain parts of the forum rules" threads, such as this one. He does not, and will not, learn. There comes a point in everyone, regardless of who you are or what you claim to the contrary, where you dispense with pleasantries and simply lay it out plain and bare.

    In shorter terms, he is all sound and no substance. And he has had more than enough chances at polite, civil discussion. He had his old maple thread, made by Michael, on the old forums. The thread was not about legacy/old maple servers, but he steered the conversation toward them whenever at all possible.
    There's a line between firmly telling someone to knock it off, and outright flaming them or being really rude towards them. A lot of the posts leading up to the topic's ban fell under the latter category. It also extended to pre-bb threads that weren't started by NTD. That were by forum newbies that didn't see NTD's threads (or didn't realize NTD's thread was a pre-bb one, since he likes to be roundabout in the suggestion sometimes).

    But when the same person starts spamming the same topic at a fast rate (doesn't matter who, doesn't matter what topic), they know beforehand that there are already posts on the same topic on the forum. They know exactly how many there are, and what type of reactions their post will receive. So when they continue to do so after getting increasingly negative reactions it is a problem and needs to be shut down. Again the topic does not matter. You can see the same thing starting with Daxterbeer and the AO discussion right now (well its been going on a while really). He's been fairly slow about bringing it up over and over but it is getting spammy, and it is also starting to leave a sour taste in people's mouths. If he isn't careful he will wind up in a situation where even people who do support AO are tired of seeing the same discussion with the same negativity/hostility and start to speak out against the threads as well for their own sanity.

    NTD did not stop posting as soon as some would like, and so now there are a few people who seem to have decided to permanently hate him (which is unfortunate, but I do understand a little bit).
    Oh, when I said "the same one over and over", I meant the same forumer over and over. If the same forumer kept posting pre-bb threads month after month, then yeah, he should be banned (or at least warned to stop). But if every once in a while, some random forum newbie or returning player (i.e. the guy whose thread I linked earlier) wants to suggest a pre-bb server, he should be allowed to do so, and we should be allowed to discuss it without all-caps rages. As was the case before NTD started spamming his threads.
    You do realize that I am the same NTD from the old forum right? I'm not sure why this was posted in a thread about an unfair rule.
    Because you're wanting some sort of an answer and this is all we've got for now.
    Artasi wrote almost exactly 2 years ago that they were open to the idea, but wouldn't act on it unless there was community support.

    Jagex went a step further and just did a referendum themselves to gauge support for 2007 servers.

  • Wow these MMF things are impossible

    Here's a video of those safespots I mentioned earlier:

    I fall apart at the last few seconds though lol. Still haven't tried it in the actual level, since there haven't been any up x_x