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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
  • Decided to tune out of Maple until Cadena release

    so i can save all my rewards for cadena from this share event? even the package?

    The giftbox says they're claimable until January 1, 2018, so I'm going to claim them when Cadena is released.
  • Ballistician Class

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    Can we throw in a Hwacha?


    That could be the lv 170 hyper attack skill or a 5th job since it would be over powered to have like 80 arrows hit the entire map.
    I would almost imagine having the ballista rolling behind or in front of your character, instead of actually carrying it around.

    Interesting concept, but unless that class gets a crap ton of attack speed, I wouldn't advise having it start at 9. 8 should be the lowest.

    Hmm, maybe it could work like one of those RWBY weapons where it just folds into itself and breaks physics and then when in combat it unfolds into a ride-able ballista on wheels, like a mount?

    About the attack speed thing, I'm thinking Ballisticians would have a hold down bossing skill where it looks like Arrow Platter, so maybe it wouldn't matter? Mobbing with only a basic +2 speed boost (booster plus another self buff that gives +1 attack speed) wouldn't be too bad, it'd be like playing Cannoneer before Nexon gave him 3 red bulls, and it'd be up to the player to obtain additional Atk Speed boosts from potions abilities and what not. They could do what they did with 2 handed axes and blunt weapons by giving all lv. 100+ ballistae +1 attack speed stage higher than the ballistae below level 100, but I kind of intended to design the class as a slow attacking class to add uniqueness to it as being the "slowest" attacker in Maple, despite being publicly viewed as a trash aspect, because the class would also deal the most damage per shot.
  • Game is unstable?

    MisterPoo wrote: »
    At least they acknowledged the problem. Now, let's start the timer on how long it will take them to fix it.

  • list the real pros and cons about this patch

    Pro: +skill changes even if they are negative
    +Finally an update
    +Noticeable increased droprate of Nodes while only on 100% base drop
    +New skin colors
    +Long needed perm pet water of life
    +Super easy event where a unique pot scroll is highest prize

    Con: - UI transparency randomly changes and hurts my ability to focus. Just add an option to switch UI transparency for these specific UI bits.
    -Barely any change to increase of drops when only doubling drop rate
    -Have to pay to get the new skin colors or make a new character
    -Arrow inputs for runes are harder to see.
    -Club event didn't even lasted a week and ran through the series of crash and lags and I'm pretty sure a huge fraction of players who wanted to finish this, including myself, couldn't due to that.

    DeeMon wrote: »
    Con: Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter nerf, dood.

    "RIP MY BROKEN "ABILITY" TO PERMA BIND 80% OF ALL THE BOSSES Nxon is Dum" has practically been the only phrase you've contributed to the forum for the past week.
  • Guys please this is getting serious

    DeeMon wrote: »
    I just want to know why nexon had to nerf Hitokiri Strike - Cooldown Cutter, that's all, dood. Still waiting for an answer. You can't just nerf something people were so used to and not give a reason why.

    Gee idk...

    (sorry for derailment but I just need this guy to stop asking why something stupidly broken and op got nerfed)