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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
  • Why is multi-boxing still not allowed?

    Fuhreak wrote: »
    Have to disagree here. This is just Nexon giving people what they want. It's all power fantasy. If players wanted party play badly enough, they would party regardless of it being slower or faster.
    Given a friend playing the same game as me, I always party, even if there is absolutely no reason to.
    Nexon might be the one not changing party play, but we are the one not giving them a reason to. (Probably more KMS than GMS)

    People had no problem being in a party when being in a party actually gave more EXP being in a full party than being in a party of 1 (no party). LHC, Drill Hall 1&2, and HoH was direct proof of that. The problem was that they designed the maps too small and it was small enough that 1 person could solo and leech the whole party. Nexon tends to overdo their nerfs and more than not harm more parts of the game than necessary. They lowered leech exp but also totally removed party play bonus exp entirely for the longest time before bringing it back to maps players don't even go to nowadays and have no reason to because there's no high level content that has party play maps where you can actually stay in the area more than a few minutes without out leveling the area's monsters.

    Bring back true party play in areas with big maps like Arcane River where party exp increases like 10% per additional party member and we might start to see people forming parties again. Just allow an idle penalty that lowers exp gain for players that mooch exp.
  • Combo kills just don't seem right

    It's based on skill when you compare it to Multi Kills.

    Combo Kill EXP is geared more towards classes that have lower mob count with their skills but can hit faster and/or with a shorter distance. This is especially good for classes with a hurricane skill that's strong enough to 1hko mobs. A low damaging button mash skill works too, like Hayato's Rai Senranzen and Aran's swing skills.

    Multi-Kill exp is for those classes with FMA (full map attack) skills with high attack range and slower attacking speed or low mobility, who have to chase mobs if they want to make their combo go up faster. Multi Kill EXP is only gained when hitting 3 or more monsters, and most classes with a hurricane skill have mobbing skills that hit up to only 8 monsters max. Luckily almost all classes come with at least 1 half or 1 full map attack most likely with a cooldown so they could at least get a 10+ multi-kill every now and then (the most possible exp gained from a multi-kill and requires 10+ mobs killed at one time).

    I believe the rate an elite spawns is much faster if you're efficient enough with both a hurricane and (low or 0 cooldown) full map skill in your kit.
  • Make Kishin, or its effect, Pay-to-use.

    A better idea would be to have a merchant sell a time-limited frenzy totem for a big amount of mesos, like 100mil for a day's usage. That'd stop players from selling service or at least bottle neck their crazy rates and make selling the totem itself much less valuable. At least it's not pay walled via currency paid with real currency, and it will lessen the blow that Frenzy Service is doing to the current economy. People would still want to spin the wheel for a frenzy totem because eventually 100mil a day for 24 hour frenzy service does add up and one would rather be willing to chance $x amount to get a permanent one just to stop paying 100mil daily rather than to abuse it by giving others a costly 1-time service that usually pays by the hour or by the usage.

    Though one problem I see is that within a day's time a person could be selling service for like 30mil an hour and gain more than enough to buy another totem for the next day but also you could get more out of it by paying 100mil to buy your own and have it last all day rather than buy service from someone else unless you're time and meso limited to only being able to afford a few hours of frenzy service instead of buying the totem. So basically this is only a problem if the price is set too high and all you want is a few hours of this item's effect.

    Another problem would be making the totem too easily available for everyone. Most people who need it will be 200+ while many would still use it to gain a boost at lower areas and kanna bots will easilly boost their own leveling by using a frenzy totem. If we were to make this an item available from a certain content area, say commerci and make it cost 100 Denaro instead of 100mil mesos, we could increase the content's popularity plus make it a hurdle for bots because Denaro can only be obtained from doing commerci daily runs it will also prevent people from buying one every single day because it's impractical to get 100 Denaro in a day unless you saved up several denaro over the course of weeks and months just to have the totem be available for a week.
  • Singapore.

    CBD has unique regular hair and face styles, does it not? How else will I be able to get the Overjoyed Smile and Shuteye face if I wanted it? At least add these to other "GMS-Exclusive" maps that have a cosmetic npc in them.
  • Decided to tune out of Maple until Cadena release

    so i can save all my rewards for cadena from this share event? even the package?

    The giftbox says they're claimable until January 1, 2018, so I'm going to claim them when Cadena is released.