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May 9, 1996
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Pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten to never forget ttimes that made you feeled happy. Wen day is dark alway rember happy day.
  • That ain't right...


    As seen here Shade is using an explorer pirate-exclusive node... hmm
  • Jett and Exclusive Job Skill Changes

    Man if Jett got these changes...

    I don't think I'd want to main mihile anymore.
  • Server Event Time Change - UTC

    Did EMS migrate to GMS or did GMS migrate to EMS?
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  • Shadower gameplay improvements

    AlexF wrote: »
    Flip of the coin needs a longer duration - it requires constant buffing to the point it becomes almost unsustainable in end game bosses.

    You can macro the skill with other skills to avoid this. Surprisingly I wasn't aware until my 3rd or 4th attempt at trying to main a shadower.
  • Why Maplestory?

    Haz wrote: »
    Firstly, why do you play Maplestory rather than other games and what is it about this game that makes you keep playing?

    Because once you spend at least $1 on a gambling item and feel as if you didn't get your money's worth, you have a tendency to keep spending money until you get even (which of course, never happens).

    Secondly (first question follow-up), I played it because at the time their motto was along the lines of bringing adults and kids together into an mmorpg and it did up to a certain point.

    2nd: I like the art style but hate the 2d skeleton thing, seems to add lag and I hate that Nexon doesn't finish something they start (they stopped using the 2d skeleton system, didn't add voices to Phantom or Shade yet but did for the other 4 heroes, etc.

    3rd: Redirect funding that goes into profit into enhancing the gameplay experience and hiring more employees that know what they're doing.

    4th: Game definitely makes money on gambling items or "chance" items as some ignorant people like to call it.

    5th: Depends what level they add the content as. We really need more content focused around where leveling is tough and streamlined towards 1 area such as -every starforce map-, arcane river (pre-nerf), 180-190, and they should put more work into their content (kerning square revamp looked as if they put all the budget into creating the sprites instead of building a decent story, it could literally be finished within an hour). Though I think they should stop using time as a filler for content (like waiting 18 hours to advance to 5th job). Maplestory really needs a larger progressive feel to it beyond 180, after I reach that point I'm bout near blowing my brains out (not literally) and start a new character. Also, La Tale and a few other games exist like this. Neither of them are fun like Maplestory was/is (at times).

    6th: I think PVP was the worst idea implemented through physically fighting other characters. I would not recommend they try bringing that back anytime soon. PvE on the otherhand is great for a game like maplestory. Should really have more questing (via content) implemented beyond level 180. The higher level you are, the less content there is, as well as less progression, and the more empty the game begins to feel.